How to Get a Summer Glow at Home

Dry, dull skin is so not cute, and certainly not healthy, to say the least! If you’ve been wondering how to achieve a summer glow on a bargain, search no more! The CGS Team has exactly what you’re looking for. Creating your own summer skin glow is actually easier and a lot more affordable that you think. DIY summer skin glow, here we come!

Simply using body-moisturizing products you already have, and adding your favorite shimmer to the mix can help you create a DIY summer glow worthy of recognition. Check out my tips to create a summer glow on your own. My goal is for your glow to turn heads and save you a buck!

Choose a moisturizer

The key to creating your own skin glow is finding the best moisturizer for your skin. Not all moisturizers go well with every skin type. It’s important to find the moisturizer best for your skin, so your skin is left feeling smooth and glistening.

An ideal choice for having the best summer skin glow is using baby oil. Baby oil is perfect for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling amazing and glossy. Just make sure you don’t overdo it! You don’t want to spend all day looking like you just hopped out of the pool.

Find a shimmer

Shimmer is easily located, probably easier than you think. Most shimmer products are made with the same ingredients. Usually the same ingredients that are used for eye shadows are the same as the ones used for glittery moisturizers.

Simply grab your favorite eye shadow color and break it up into small pieces so it can easily be applied with your moisturizer. It’s been noted that warmer eye shadow colors add more of a pop, and eye shadows that are lighter in hue gives a more sparkly look.

You can also purchase body shimmers at Sephora, Macy’s, and more. Look for bronzers and warm, sun-kissed colors. This will ensure you get the summer glow you are looking for.


Once you’ve had the chance to choose your moisturizer and shimmer, the fun can begin! With an empty travel-size bottle, you can take your new-found product wherever you go!

Add the crushed-up eye shadow or body shimmer and pour in the baby oil. Shake well and watch how your summer shimmery oil comes to life. Once both products have been mixed well, you can now apply over your body creating your own summer skin glow.

Voila! You’ve just saved yourself a good amount of money, while still looking flawless in the sun.

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Now that you have the secret to creating your own summer skin glow, the sunlight will forever be your best friend!

What other beauty tips would you suggest to achieve that perfect summer skin glow? Have you had the chance to try our tips? If so, how did they work for you? Like our Facebook page and comment in the comment section. Also, check us out on our Instagram & Twitter @citygirlsavings for more updates and tips.

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