4 Great Sites to Shop for Men

It’s much easier for a woman to shop for herself than for the man (or men) in her life! The true shopping challenge women face is when we have to find things for the opposite sex. It’s a stressful process that can end in Visa gift cards being give and the men having to purchase their own items. Things can get difficult quickly when it comes to shopping for me, that’s why the CGS Team has pulled together and found some pretty cool websites to shop for the men in your life. Check out these great sites to shop for men, and the next time you decide to pick up something nice for the mister, you’ll thank us!

Vianel New York

To sum up Vianel New York, think sophistication, modern, and luxury. They sell items such as phone cases, wallets, and other gadgets men tend to enjoy. They are infamous for customizable accessories. Vianel New York is a storefront based out of New York, but can easily ship items to customers who aren’t able to visit the physical location. The neat thing about this store is that some of the items are unisex, which means you can shop for yourself too!

Vianel New York

ORO Los Angeles

ORO Los Angeles is well known on the west coast for its fashionable trends. ORO Los Angeles features apparel with sleek designs whose foundation is based on simple and eye-catching items. This men’s website is great for those whose style is artsy. Items sold at ORO range from flannel long sleeves, to men’s ankle cut boots. Within 5 minutes of browsing this site, we’re sure your cart will have at least one item for your guy in it.

ORO Los Angeles

Elwood Clothing

Elwood Clothing provides contemporary street wear for men. As their saying goes, this clothing store “was made in Los Angeles, but was created for the world.” Clothing items offered by Elwood include baseball caps, distressed pants, and much more. These fashionable items are sure to be a hit with your man! Whether he’s spending time with the boys or taking you on a date, these threads are perfect for any occasion.

Elwood Clothing

John Elliott

To sum up this clothing brand, John Elliot offers men a modern fit with unique fabrics. This innovated clothing brand is full of menswear items that are hard to miss. Sweatshirts, jeans, shoes, tees, tanks and more can be found at John Elliot. We love that the custom knit is performed in the U.S., but their zippers are sourced from RIRI in Switzerland, and fabric from Japan. Each piece plays a vital role in providing their customers in A-1 clothing.

John Elliot


With the stylish finds available at the sites above, you can’t go wrong when it comes to getting something for your man. Do you typically have a hard time finding good websites to shop for guys? What tips can you share with the community when it comes to shopping for the men in your life, especially online? Leave a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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  1. These all sound like great sites for stylish gifts for men! I would be concerned about the return policy though! My brother is picky, and while my bf isn’t, I’d want to make sure he enjoys his gift!

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