City Girl Savings Goals for 2021

It always blows my mind when the end of the year approaches, because time goes by so fast! For the past few years, it has been a tradition of mine to share what City Girl Savings goals are for the upcoming year, and that continues today! Just like I encourage you to plan ahead with your goals, I do the same for myself and my company.

Keep reading to learn about the primary goals of City Girl Savings for 2021. This article shares what we are working on for the new year. Also, check out how far we’ve come by reading our goals from 2020 (and past years too!)

City Girl Savings Goals for 2021

Goal #1: Our goal is to have 21,000 monthly blog and website views.
Goal #2: Our goal is to have 4,500 Facebook Group members.
Goal #3: Our goal is to complete 250 consultations.
Goal #4: Our goal is to have 10,000 newsletter subscribers.
Goal #5: Our goal is to double our social media following and engagement.
Goal #6: Our goal is to publish 75 new articles.
Goal #7: Our goal is to increase sales by 54%.
Goal #8: Our goal is to have 65 students in the Money Management Mastery for Working Women program.

You’ll notice that some of our goals are the same as last year’s because we’re likely not going to hit them this year…and, that’s okay! The goal is to keep pushing. We are on a mission to teach and empower every woman to reach financial success, so we’re shooting for the stars year over year. What are some of your biggest goals for 2021? Stay tuned to see our final goal numbers for 2020!

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