City Girl Savings Goals for 2019

You already know why it’s important to start planning your 2019 goals like yesterday! Now, it’s time for me to be open and honest with the CGS community about our company goals! Just like I encourage you to plan ahead with your goals, I do the same for myself and my company. Check out the focus of City Girl Savings for 2019. Continue reading below to see what we are working on for the new year. You can also see how far we’ve come by reading our goals from 2018 (and past years too!)

Goal #1: Our goal is to have 10,000 monthly readers.

Goal #2: Our goal is to have 2,500 Facebook Group members.

Goal #3: Our goal is to complete 250 consultations.

Goal #4: Our goal is to have 10,000 newsletter subscribers.

Goal #5: Our goal is to “go live” on Facebook or Instagram once a week for half of the year.

Goal #6: Our goal is to double our social media engagement.

Goal #7: Our goal is to publish 150 new articles.

Goal #8: Our goal is to increase sales by 100%.


Once again, we are setting our standards very high. As you know, we have a mission to teach and empower every woman to reach financial success, so we’re shooting for the stars year over year. What are some of your biggest goals for 2019? Stay tuned to see our final goal numbers for 2018!

-The CGS Team



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