Chic and Useful Kitchen Accessories

As you begin to leave the nest and start buying things for your own home, you may start to notice some things seem to take more importance over others. For many of us, we are new to the world of adulting, and for others we’re seasoned to the game.

Nonetheless whatever your status in the game of adulting is, it’s always nice to enjoy the little things. I’ve put a list of chic and useful kitchen accessories together to help make your kitchen cuter and easier to access. Read below to find out where you can purchase these gems and enjoy their benefits!

Microwave Hover Anti-Sputtering Cover
This fun, futuristic-looking kitchen accessory is a must-have for a chic (and clean) kitchen. To avoid extra clean up, use this microwave hover anti-sputtering cover to cover meals you’re trying to warm up in the microwave.

We have all had that one dish that leaves our microwave a complete disaster after heating up leftovers. Look no further than the microwave hover anti-sputtering cover, which eliminates all your worries in minutes. In this case, your dish warms up well and leaves no mess behind… you can’t beat that!

Rose Gold Utensil Holder

Rose gold anything is chic! Now, your kitchen can be chic too! The rose gold utensil holder offers the beauty of the rose gold color with the convenience of holding your kitchen utensils in place. You can match rose gold knives, paper towel holders and more.

Mini Juicer

This pint-sized juicer is small enough to sit out or be placed with your other cooking utensils. Simply cut the front of your lemon or orange and holding the small bell to the rotary drill bit juicer, begin to twist inside the fruit.

Be sure to have your cup ready because juice will begin to squeeze out!  The bottom tray can be used to hold fresh juice, with a small mouth to pour out the juice. This kitchen accessory is best used for getting juice from lemons, oranges, pawpaw and other circular fruits.

Meatball Maker

This impressive kitchen accessory is versatile in nature and can be used more often than you think. Whether you’re making homemade spaghetti and meatballs or creating the best desserts in the neighborhood, the meatball maker is one of the most convenient kitchen tools!

This scissor-grip action tool scoops what you want and creates the perfect shaped ball in just seconds. No mess, and of course easy to use, it’s practically children friendly. This stainless-steal cooking tool is easy to wash and durable in every way possible.

Garlic Presser

If you’re a master chef, then having one of these bad boys is a must. The stainless steel garlic presser is a handy kitchen tool used to mince garlic for any of your favorite dishes. Instead of having to tediously cut the garlic into small pieces, you can simply take one whole glove and mince it at once. Your prep time is nearly cut in half with this kitchen accessory. For under $20 bucks, you can purchase this item on Amazon and will love it every time you use it.

Copper French Press

Make tasty coffee in with the chic copper French press from Primula. This French press makes up to 8 cups of coffee at once and can certainly help curb your Starbucks cravings. If you’re trying to cut back on buying coffee, this French press is easy to use and fun to look at!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds. A cute kitchen and accessories that can get the job done is a win/win in our books. How does your kitchen look? Do you have accessories that are both useful and chic? Perhaps, you have a favorite kitchen accessory; share with us what it is and where you got it from! Leave a comment below to share.

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