CGS Goals for 2017

Another year is almost behind us! That makes it the perfect time to assess your old goals and create some new ones. The CGS Team is finalizing our numbers to really gauge our goal progress for 2016, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking of 2017. We already have our goals lined out and we want to share them with our readers! We track our progress throughout the year, so keep checking back to see how we’re doing on our quest to achieving the company’s goals! Here are our CGS goals for 2017!

Goal #1: Our goal is to have 3,500 community members.

Goal #2: Our goal is to have 15,000 monthly readers.

Goal #3: Our goal is to complete 175 consultations.

Goal #4: Our goal is to increase social media following by 25%.

Goal #5: Our goal is to publish 300 articles in 2017.

Goal #6: Our goal is to increase sales by 50%.

We certainly have a lot of work to do in 2017, but we are looking forward to a killer year! What goals are you setting for 2017? We have some New Year promotions coming up on budget plans, so if 2017 is the year you will be getting your finances together, let City Girl Savings help! Stay tuned to see how we did for 2016!

-The CGS Team



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