CGS 2023 Year End Goals Recap

I’m going to be honest with you – 2023 was rough. Between the loss of my mom, income dips, legal issues, and slower business months, it’s been hard. But you know what? I focused on what I could control, and I took the time to rest and grieve. At the end of the day, reaching goals is important, but it’s not everything.

And in some seasons of life, not focusing on the outcome of goals is what’s required. That is what I experienced this year, and it hasn’t been easy. I always focused on goals, and they were my top priority. After months of spending time with my dying mother, I learned firsthand that goals are not always the top priority. Thank goodness things were slow, so my focus could be where it needed to be!

In usual CGS fashion, I want to share with you the progress we made on the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Not going to lie, we didn’t hit many of them, but that’s okay. There’s room to improve in 2024!

Also, we shared our CGS Goals for 2024, so be sure to check those out. Just like we hold our clients, community, and followers accountable, we would like you to hold us accountable too! Check out the progress we made towards our goals in 2023!

In 2023, we had 50,810 CGS Podcast downloads. We passed our goal of 50,000!

In 2023, we increased our CGS Facebook Group to 6,522 members. Our goal was 7,500.

In 2023 we increased our newsletter subscribers by 800, to 8600 subscribers.

In 2023, we averaged 10,000 monthly visits with 123,000 pageviews. Our goal was 250,000 pageviews.

In 2023, we completed 73 consultations, created 28 budget plans, and coached 19 clients.

In 2023, revenue decreased by 25%. We did not hit our income goal.

In 2023, we increased our Instagram followers by 3474, to 46070 followers.

In 2023, we increased our YouTube subscribers by 261, to 1122 subscribers. We reached this goal.

In 2023, we increased our TikTok followers by 525, to 1486 followers.


We only hit 2 goals this year, and that’s okay! 2024 is another opportunity to try again! Thank you for all of the support over the years. Whether you’re new to the CGS community or not, we appreciate you! What progress did you make towards your goals in 2023? Post a comment below to share and leave thoughts on our 2023 progress!

-The CGS Team



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