CGS 2016 Year End Goals Recap

The last day of 2016 is upon us all! Today is the perfect day to assess your year. Did you reach your goals? Did new goals come into play? What have you learned and what will you take with you into the New Year. Businesses, blogs and business owners also need to assess the year and start 2017 with a fresh perspective. We shared our CGS Goals for 2017, now it’s time to assess how we did this year. You are all a part of our goals, so we want to share our progress with you! Check out our 2016 year end goals recap!

In 2016, we added 1,900 new community members.

In 2016, we averaged 16,000 monthly readers.

In 2016, we completed 100 consultations, provided 50 budget plans, and coached 18 clients.

In 2016, we published 425 articles.

In 2016, we increased our social media following by 50%.


Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our goals. We look forward to an even more successful 2017 year! What are some of the things you accomplished this year? Have you thought about your 2017 goals? Post a comment to share your thoughts on our success, and yours too!

-The CGS Team



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