The Beauty of Business Cards

Business cards are tools used to assist with your branding, networking and building your contact list. If you are a professional working woman, then you may already have business cards. If you don’t have business cards yet, then you should consider getting them. Whether you are attending an event, interview or run into someone, having business cards around when time is limited is a great way to ensure contact information is given and received. The CGS Team is going to share the beauty of business cards and why every professional lady needs them!

Business Cards for Branding

Business cards have a great impact on your personal brand. If your business card is from the company you work for, then it probably shows the company logo, your job title, and contact information. This allows the receivers of the card to see what you do and who you work for. If the company you work for is in the field you want to be in, it shows that you are well on your way.

If your business card is for a personal hobby or side job, it has the same effect as a company business card. It shows your passion, whether it’s as an actor, model, artist, blogger, painter or anything else. As you meet people in the same or similar industries, your business card will show where your passion lies and what you could potentially do for someone.

Business Cards for Networking

Business cards are great networking tools, even if you aren’t the best at networking! Quickly introducing yourself to someone who could potentially be a great contact or catching up with someone you have always wanted to can be easily achieved with a hello and a handoff of your business card. One glance at the card will do the talking for you.

Most people who attend networking events, job fairs and social mixers are there to give and receive business cards. You never want to be in a situation where someone asks for your business card and you don’t have one. That could lead to loss of sales or loss of a great contact for the future. Business cards show your professionalism and that you are serious about what the card represents. When you give your business card out, you never know what could come of it.

Tips for Creating Business Cards

There is no need to spend a fortune on business cards! Companies like Vistaprint, OfficeMax, and MOO offer great deals on business cards. They offer useful templates, great quality card stock, and the option of incorporating color. Vistaprint even gives 250 free basic business cards to first-time buyers! While the thought of designing your own business card may seem overwhelming, use the tips below to help get you through it!

1. Your Name and Title are the most important. People don’t always remember faces, so a business card with your name and job title will help spark their memory. If you are out of work or don’t currently have a title, put your field of study/interest. If your card is for your business, include your company’s mission statement.

2. Never forget your contact information. This includes your email, website, and social media accounts. A phone number is good to include if you are in sales or plan on giving your cards to select individuals.

3. Add a logo or a photo. If you run your own business, including your company’s logo is critical. If you are job hunting with no business of your own, include a simple design. This will add a little something extra to your card. Photos should be reserved for specific careers like acting, modeling, real estate, artistry, photography, etc. If you are a Freelance IT Analyst, a photo is no-go.

4. Quality over quantity. Always use quality card stock. Matte or glossy is completely up to you; just ensure at least the standard business card paper is used. If you are using images on your card, make sure you are using high resolution images. You don’t want to receive cards with a blurry picture on them!

5. Keep it simple. If you want to add a little something extra to your card, consider rounded edges or vertical designs. Stay away from sizes that are larger than your standard business card. While they may stand out to you, they may be too difficult to deal with for others.

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When you are trying to further your career or business, let business cards help! Your goal should be to give out and receive in as many business cards as you can. The opportunities for growth, networking and potential sales increases drastically each time you give your card out! Do you have a favorite shop or store for creating business cards? Do you have design tips? Share with the group by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I have never created my own business cards but I have had them from my previous company. As a recruiter they really came in handy at each event I was required to attend. Many people would share their business cards and ask for one in return. It’s a huge bonus for networking

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