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When you spend 40+ hours a week at work, having a desk/cubicle/workspace that represents you and the things that make you happy is important for your sanity! A nicely decorated workspace can keep you grounded and in “zen” mode when work responsibilities want to stress you out. Also, decorating your workspace can shift your mood from negative to positive, especially if you are having one of those days! The CGS Team is sharing a few ways to help you “beautify” your workspace and make it a nice area to work in.

Pictures are a Plus

Pictures of your favorite people, places, and memories, are always a plus at work. Looking at the pictures can bring happy memories and take you back to the good times! While photo frames can surely do the trick, a photo wire can save you space and make for an eye-catching area. Use the wire to hang up your favorite (and work-appropriate) pictures.

Simple Succulents

Did you know that plants release oxygen? This can be perfect in a stuffy office! Adding small potted-plants can give your desk a refreshing change of pace! Plants are an easy way to brighten up your desk and your mood. Afraid of forgetting to water the plants? Stick to simple plants like succulents. Succulents are all the rage right now, without all of the maintenance!

Use Decorative Book Ends

Instead of having important files laying on your desk or in a cabinet, use decorative book ends to keep them insight and easy to get to. Not only will you avoid losing your paperwork, the decorative book ends will add a nice design to your desk. Does your paperwork contain sensitive information? Use the book ends for actual books instead of files! Bring in some work-appropriate reading material and keep them for mental check-outs.

File Cabinet Décor

Most cubicles come with built-in filing cabinets, and no one likes to look at boring grey, green, or black cabinets. Take a cue from Persia Lou and create a marble-design filing cabinet! Check out the DIY on Persia Lou’s website.

Cute Coffee Mugs

The simplest way to spice up your workspace is to use cute coffee (or tea) mugs! Most of us drink a few cups of coffee or tea in the workplace, so why not use a mug that makes you feel empowered! Cute coffee mugs can be found anywhere! Whether online or in stores like Ross or TJ Maxx, sprucing up your drinking glass can add some pop to your work desk.

Who says you have to work in a dull cubicle? Make your workspace beautiful by adding décor that brings out your personality and makes you feel comfortable. How do you add personality to your desk? What is on your work desk right now? We want to hear your décor tips! Leave a comment below to get a discussion going!

-The CGS Team



5 thoughts on “Beautify Your Workspace”

  1. Great suggestion about the plant – I may have to get one! I always try to make my desk pretty vibrant because I’m sitting at it 90% of the day! I also bought cute little post it and tape dispencers to add more personality to my desk!

  2. Ok so I don’t have the type of environment at work where I can decorate, but when I did I made sure to make it feel like my space and brought a few important things with me. For example, I had a few pictures of my friends and family, a few pictures of goals I was striving for, and a few inspirational quotes along with some decor. It wasn’t to over the top but it was just enough to put my spin on my space.

  3. Believe it or not, I actually have Lego’s on my desk that are cool looking creatures. I also have a rubber brain my nephew gave me. Makes all the people want to touch my brain.

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