#86: Home Buying 101 with Realtor Coco Massara

One of the most common goals I see across the City Girl Savings community is home ownership.

People reach out to me sharing they want to own a home one day.

Clients and I work to prioritize saving for a down payment. Dreams of passive income from rentals or AirBnBs fill people with hope.

Whether home ownership is in the near future for you or not, there are things everyone can do right now to put themselves in a position to purchase when they’re ready.

In this episode, I’m talking with Austin-Texas based realtor Coco Massara about all things home ownership, rental properties and more!

Get ready to learn what home buying is all about!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [03:25] Coco takes listeners through her experiences purchasing a home as a single, woman of color before getting into the real estate industry.
  • [09:20] Coco and her husband purchased a second property in New Mexico. She shares what that process was like and the questions she asked before purchasing in a different state.
  • [24:24] Applying for a loan is like applying for a credit card – you may be approved for more than you’re comfortable spending. This means a budget is critical.
  • [38:35] Coco shares her thoughts on the current state of the housing market.
  • [46:06] AirBnB management may be more financially lucrative than long-term renting, but it will have more recurring costs associated with it.

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