#85: Mindset Matters: Abundance versus Scarcity

When it comes to your finances, it (literally) pays to have the right mindset.

In fact, it pays to have the right mindset in any area of life.

The one thing you need, more than anything else, to change your finances, or your life, for the better is the right mindset.

Your mindset makes all the difference.

How you think about your money determines how you act with your money. How you think about your situation determines how you change (or don’t change) your situation.

In this episode, I’m diving into why mindset is so important for your life and finances.

I’m also going to break down money scarcity, so you can spot the signs of that particular mindset and work to change it!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [01:49] Raya shares the dictionary definition of “mindset”, so you can truly understand what it means.
  • [03:41] If you’re not aware of your mindset, you may be doing things that are not helping you reach your goals long-term.
  • [07:02] Unfortunately, the more you think something bad will happen, the higher the likelihood you believe something bad will happen and make it true.
  • [10:52] Do you have true money scarcity, or do you just believe your money is scarce? There’s a big difference.

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