#81: Manifesting Money, Trips and More with CGS Client Tymika

I can’t quite explain it, but every time a new client joins my coaching program and vows to truly change their money situation, God, the Universe, or whatever else you believe in throws things their way to confirm they’re on the right track.

Extra money miraculously appears. Bills come back with credits. Checks show up in the mail. Family members send blessings.

This isn’t an anomaly to just one or two clients, it happens to just about all of them who truly decide to improve their finances.

Tymika is no different.

Tymika is a money coaching client of mine who started working with me in 2021 and has continued with ongoing support.

I’ve seen amazing shifts in Tymika’s mindset and it’s translated to her manifesting amazing things, back to back.

In this episode, I’m talking with Tymika about her experience with manifestation and how she’s now a true believer.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [05:20] Tymika’s money situation always seemed to hit a certain level. She couldn’t move past it and tended to spend her money in line with that level.
  • [09:49] Unbeknownst to her, Tymika was never talking positively about her finances. It wasn’t until her boyfriend (BF) brought her negative mindset to light that it clicked.
  • [18:21] Instantly after starting coaching, Tymika learned instantly that she truly did have enough money coming in.
  • [30:15] Tymika breaks down all the different ways more money has come into her life through manifestation and mindset.
  • [40:00] Working with a money coach has given Tymika courage in other areas of her life.

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