7 Ways to Spark Motivation in Your Life

Getting motivated is not always as easy as it sounds. Motivation requires you to dig deep within yourself. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines motivation as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Motivation means silencing the outside noise and focusing on the positive, instead of the let downs and failures. Check out these seven ways to spark motivation in your life!

Ways to Spark Motivation in Your Life

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal helps you release any thoughts that you may have piling up that you don’t know how to express. Having a journal encourages you to release out the negativity – pen to paper. In many cases, journaling can be therapeutic and peaceful when having a rough day.

Others enjoy journaling because it is another form of mapping out what one would want for themselves in the future. Studies have shown that when you write down what you want, it makes the individual see it, which later leads them into believing it, and bringing it into existence. Check out 6 Tips to Help You Start Journaling.

Make Affirmations

Affirmations are sometimes done without us even knowing it. To motivate yourself by using affirmations is simple! You repeat a positive saying repeatedly until you begin to believe it. State your declaration three to five times whether in the mirror or just with your eyes shut. It can be as simple as “I declare today is going to be a great day.” The point of affirmations is to set the tone for your present and future. 

Use Setbacks As Comebacks

Setbacks are probably the worst feelings to endure, especially when they come back to back without a sign of any light at the end of the tunnel. The CGS team is here to say that the bad times will not last forever, and just as there are sunny days, there will be stormy weather as well.

When setbacks occur in your life, I encourage you to find at least one good thing about the situation. Focusing on something good during a tough time will keep you motivated. Comebacks typically happen after a setback, which is why it is important to always keep a glimpse of positivity in your heart and mind. 

Trump Bad Habits

Those who get encompassed with habits tend to lose focus and when focus is lost, so is motivation. It is vital to trump habits, especially the bad ones! Habits can mean you are not willing to try new things, and if you aren’t willing to try new things then there is a lack of motivation.

Motivation requires you to act a certain way, adjusting to your situation while not being comfortable in it. It’s important to realize the bad habits you have, so you can break them! Bad habits can impact many areas of your life, so pinpoint them and actively work to change them.

Focus on Rewards

The reward is always better after getting it on your own. When you put in the hard work and get the reward at the end, it means more than anything! When you are in the middle of your season and it seems like you are in a pickle, try to focus on the reward instead of the negativity.

When one is focused on the rewards of achieving their goals, they don’t focus too much on their troubles. If your goal is to work out more, your reward is looking great naked. Similar to if your goal is to make more money; your reward is the freedom to do what you want, when you want! Focus on the end result, not the journey and that will help keep the motivation alive!

Discover Your Calling

Discovering your calling can come easy for some people, while others struggle to figure out what they truly want. To know what is your calling is, is probably the most satisfying feeling in the world. Not everyone will know their calling immediately, however to stay motivated, your calling will soon find you.

You will encounter negativity every day, which can suck the motivation out of you. If you don’t refill your motivation reservoir it will run low. Find a way to be inspired every single day and your calling will come. Once you know your calling, let it fill you with a sense of inspiration!

Surround Yourself With the Right People

Birds of a feather flock together – if you have not heard that saying before it simply means you hang around people who think and act like you. Surrounding yourself around folks who have similar dreams and ambitions will help you spark and keep your motivation.

It’s easy to be jealous of someone who you think is more successful than you are. However, to surround yourself with people who you wish to be in positions like only helps you stay motivated. Willpower doesn’t last for an entire day so choose your circle wisely.

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Motivation is the reason why one is able to accomplish their dreams. What specifically helps you spark your motivation when you are feeling low? Do you find yourself using any of the ways we listed as a form of motivation to lift you up during tough times? Like our Facebook page and join in the conversation! We love hearing from our City Girl Community members so follow us on Twitter and Instagram @citygirlsavings.

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