7 Ideas to Help You Manage Your Calendar

Calendar management isn’t always as simple as filling in your appointments and making sure there are no overlaps. It’s also helpful to use certain tips and tricks to keep that calendar running smoothly! 

Your calendar requires regular care and maintenance. Otherwise, you could end up swamped with menial tasks and devoid of time to focus on truly valuable projects and events. 

Check out these seven ideas to help your manage your hectic calendar. 

#1 Color Coding 

Color-coding your calendar lets you quickly see what you have planned for the day. One color-coding method that is known to be useful is chakra color-coding. Chakra color-coding can reduce stress because it creates more balance and organization. 

A “chakra” is one of the seven energy points found in the body. Each of these energy centers has a color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet) that is associated with it. 

For creative tasks, you might choose to use orange; yellow would represent the items that help you grow; green is reserved for personal events like lunch with a friend; blue equates to activities that express your mind, like writing; and indigo is meant for activities that deserve your attention. 

Using this organizational method prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. As you look at your calendar it creates the impression of a balanced and stress-free day—or demonstrates where you might need to build in some balance!

#2 Take Action

For example, if you noticed that you accidentally double-booked a time slot or have to reschedule a meeting, let the other party know immediately. 

It’s not good for your reputation or your mental state to make the other attendees wait or show up to a meeting that you are not in but requested. 

When you take action, it helps you better use your time and not let it go to waste. 

#3 Set Reminders

Whenever you schedule an appointment or meeting, don’t forget to set up reminders. As annoying as it may seem, those reminders will come in handy, especially if you forget about a meeting.  

Setting reminders is great for those busy days when time seems to fly right on by. Typically, setting the reminder 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled meeting is efficient, but you are always able to set to your comfort and needs. 

On the bright side, most online calendars will automatically do this for you. It is a wonderful feature that everyone should include to help manage calendaring. 

#4 Don’t Schedule Back-to-Back Meetings

Back-to-back meetings are quite common, and sometimes they seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, though, scheduling meetings back-to-back often just means you’re not giving yourself time to prepare or decompress. 

Even worse, such a schedule ensures that you’re going to be arriving late—especially if you have to travel. Whenever you can, avoid putting back-to-back meetings on your calendar. 

Being in nonstop meetings is also stressful. Try give yourself a buffer time of around 30 minutes between meetings so you have time to travel, grab a snack, review the agenda, and reflect.

#5 Say Yes Less

If you find yourself saying “Yes” way more these days, it is best you reel it back and start saying “No” sometimes. This may sound harsh, but hear me out.

If you constantly say “Yes” to every meeting, appointment, or request, then you won’t have time to attend focus on your priorities. Eventually, this means that other people are controlling your calendar and schedule. 

Before committing to anything, check your calendar. If you’re swamped or the time-consuming task does not contribute to your own goals, politely and honestly say “No.”

#6 Schedule in White Space

Scheduling white space in your calendar gives you time to prepare and visualize, especially before your next meeting. You will know exactly how you want the meeting to go. 

Having white space after the interaction allows you to catch your breath, reflect, and write a quick recap that contains action steps and deadlines. 

White space can be used at your leisure: you can set as much or as little time as you need. Just be sure to use it effectively! 

#7 Decline Meetings 

We have all been stuck in time-wasting meetings. You know the ones—there are no details, agenda, or purpose, and everyone just awkwardly stares at each other. 

Be sure to only fill your calendar with meetings where the other party has clearly stated the purpose of the meeting. Time is of the essence—but more importantly, your time is what makes you money. 

In the beginning, managing your calendar can be overwhelming, but trust and believe once you get your rhythm down you are going to be happy you got your calendar organized. 

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