7 Common Traits of Successful CEOs

Considering that not everyone ends up a successful CEO, it makes sense that the ones who do succeed have qualities that the others don’t. Running a company (whether yours or someone else’s) is not an easy feat. The CGS Team has done some serious research to pinpoint 7 common traits of successful CEOs. The beauty of these traits is that they can be learned. You don’t have to be born with any of these traits to become successful. You can work hard and learn to have these characteristics. If you have dreams of running a company one day, then start working on them now!

The CEO, also known as Chief Executive Officer, of a company is in charge of making all of the managerial decisions. Sure, if the company is large enough, the CEO will delegate those decisions to those who work for them, and those who work for them. However, the CEO will always have the last say. It takes a certain kind of individual to take on that responsibility, regardless of the company size. Here are the 7 common traits of successful CEOs.

Common Traits of Successful CEOs

Trait #1: An Optimistic Outlook

A successful CEO maintains a positive outlook, especially when moving towards new opportunities.

The power of positive thinking has changed many people’s lives. The reality is that you can choose your outlook on life and business, but people don’t tap into that power. It’s easy to let bad things that happen get the better of you, but to succeed, you can’t let it!

Trait #2: Understanding Others

A successful CEO has the ability to read people. They seek to understand other people’s perspectives, without overanalyzing or judging.

Trait #3: Integrity and Ethical

A successful CEO does the right thing for the customers, the company, and the employees. The CEO builds a company’s reputation on honesty and integrity.

Trait #4: Excellent Communicator

A successful CEO has the ability to deliver the same message to many different audiences. The message is delivered and received as intended.

The great thing about this trait is you can work on it instantly. Taking a public speaking class, working with a dialect coach, or any form of business consulting can help you improve how you communicate to others.

Trait #5: A Vision for the Future

A successful CEO always plans ahead and prepares for the future.

Trait #6: Controlled Emotion

A successful CEO shows intensity, but controls emotion. Outbreaks, meltdowns, and too much emotion are never displayed.

In the article 5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool Anywhere, there are a few tips that anyone should follow. Letting your emotions get the better of you is a recipe for disaster and regret.

Trait #7: Calculated Risk Taker

A successful CEO knows when to take risks and when the risk is not worth the reward. Risks are always calculated and never careless.

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A CEO is not born, but made. All of the characteristics listed above can be learned and improved over time. Making an effort to understand your areas of weakness and grow is essential when bettering yourself. What do you think of the characteristics listed above? Have you met people with these characteristics, and if so, what did you think of them? Leave a comment below to share with the community.

-The CGS Team



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