6 Ways to Make a Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

Being a die-hard romantic does not mean you need to have big pockets to fulfill all your romantic ideas. Many times, folks fail to come to terms that Valentine’s Day is not just about how much money you spend, but who you chose to spend the twenty-four hours with.

You are able to have an amazing date night and not go broke! Say farewell to those pesky haters for not choosing to spend hundreds of dollars for a dinner that won’t satisfy you. We encourage you to peep these six ways to make a romantic Valentine’s Day date night at home – without breaking the bank.


Setting the mood is definitely one of the best ways to having a stay at home romantic Valentine’s Day. Lighting your favorite candles and getting the mood just right will have your partner in a sexy mood. Candles are relaxing, comforting, add erotic ambiance, and smell incredible, which are all things women find insanely arousing.

It’s been noted that some smells can change the mood within moments. A scent such as vanilla is one of the most arousing scents in the world. One other scent that may not be common on Valentine’s Day is Lavender. Lavender increases your brain’s alpha waves, which increases relaxation, reduces anxiety, and most importantly increases sexual arousal by up to forty percent.

Homemade Gifts

Gifts are forever thoughtful and always seem like the way to go during Valentine’s Day. However, there is no hand written book to what type of gift one should have to give someone. When it comes to gifting on Valentine’s Day, we should keep in mind that the cost of the gift should not matter, but the thought behind it.

Making homemade gifts can be thoughtful and lasting to the one on the receiving end. If you know your significant other enjoys a certain hobby or has a particular passion, perhaps try incorporating that into a gift. Understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, but yet you still want to be able to do something that means a lot

Favorite Film

A romantic Valentine’s Day date night can consist of whatever you want it to. As long as you are with your significant other and doing what makes your heart full, then any day can be considered Valentine’s Day. This year on lover’s day, if you decide to spend the day at home, simply pop your favorite movie in and eat your favorite snacks and popcorn and snuggle up to your loved one.

Whether you enjoy a good romantic comedy or whatever genre you prefer, set aside a few of your favorite films and brace yourself for a night full of laughing, snuggling, and most importantly, creating lasting memories.

One fun romantic date night suggestion can be taking turns watching each other’s favorite movies. Flip a coin to see whose favorite film will be watched first and then once the film is over watch the second, third and fourth one.

Set the Menu

Don’t wait until the day of to set your romantic dinner menu for you and your love. Get a head start and cover your bases so you can spoil your sweetheart with romantic things to eat. For starters, create your own chip and salsa appetizers.

For full course meals make your favorite chicken or veggie fajitas that seem to never go out of season. As for your sweet tooth craving or dessert, whip up some chocolate covered strawberries and sip on your favorite champagne or alcoholic beverage.

Choose a location

Location is important, especially on a day that’s filled with special events peeking around every corner. Depending on whether you are hosting the romantic Valentine’s event at your home or not, it is important to secure the location prior to the day of. 

Although it isn’t mandatory to do so, I highly encourage you to figure out the place you’d like to cozy up with your significant other. Whatever location you decide to use, be sure that it has everything you need to have a wonderful evening. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in the house with nothing to do because you failed to plan.

Book the Babysitter

If you wish to hire a babysitter to enjoy a romantic night at your favorite get away spot be sure to have your go to babysitter on speed dial. On the other hand, your babysitter can take the kids out to an early movie and pizza (which might just be more fun for her, too) while you stay home and treat your Valentine to a homemade meal.

Babysitters may be limited due to the amount of alone time parents want to have from their children, so be sure you are in communication when it comes to child care prior to Valentine’s Day. Even if the babysitter already has plans that night, they might be willing to help you out earlier in the day in order to earn some extra money for themselves!

Planning doesn’t get any easier so we recommend hiring a babysitter first, therefore whatever you end up doing for Valentine’s Day, you know the babies are well taken care of and with a professional at that! You can send your kids to a friend or neighbor’s house and have a beloved babysitter of yours or his babysit the whole bunch.

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Whether you and your sweetheart have been together for 10 years or 10 months, make Valentine’s Day absolutely unforgettable with any of the ideas listed above. What ways have you celebrated Valentine’s Day at home? Would you ever try any of our suggestions? If yes, how did your lover enjoy the special day of love?

No matter what romantic Valentine’s idea you choose, you and your sweetie will have a night to remember! Don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter and Instagram @citygirlsavings. If you have not joined in the conversation with the City Girl Savings community, we encourage you to via our Facebook page.

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