6 Ways to Beat Overwhelm at Work

As we think of our jobs we cannot help but have Rihanna’s voice circling our minds singing, “Work, work, work, work, work!” However, it is not right for you to go through life with stress, and a chip, on your shoulder. 

The moment you start to feel overloaded, breathe and refer to these tips. These tips are aimed at helping you feel the confidence you need to be settled, so that you’re able to concentrate and focus better.  

Explore these six ways you can beat the feeling of overwhelm.

#1 Finish start to end
It can be difficult to see some projects through to the end. This could have something to do with the level of difficulty of the project, or perhaps there are time constraints that are making it challenging to finish.  

When you return to an unfinished project and complete it, this can help you beat the feeling of overwhelm by boosting your confidence. Choose an older, unfinished task that won’t take too much time out of your day and knock it out!

#2 Always learn

Never stop learning! The moment you stop letting your brain learn is the moment you encounter a roadblock. Continue to educate yourself and learn as much as possible, whether that is new material or re-learning material from the past that has become rusty. 

Refilling our mental and emotional reservoirs through learning helps us to get the work at hand done. If you are feeling a bit scattered, do some work-related reading—that way you aren’t blowing your whole day on doing nothing. 

By not being too goal-directed, allow the different types of connections to arise between what you are working on and what you are learning about. 

#3 Make a List 

At times, lists can be annoying—we know! However, they are so worth it down the line. When you have a list in front of you that shows what needs to get done and what has gotten done, you can see exactly where you are in your process.  

When you have a lot of projects assigned to you, it’s easy to feel guilty that you’re not working on all of them at once. More times than you can imagine, you will need to explicitly make a list of all the projects you’re not going to start or work on while you’re concentrating on your current highest priority.

#4 Let your mind be free

Taking mental breaks is so needed for you to thrive in the workplace. Letting your mind wander provides you the chance to gain your creativity.  When you do this, problems that seemed difficult at first can instantly become clearer. 

Now that many of us are working from home, it is vital to give your mind a chance to wander and free-associate. If you are feeling anxious and do not really know how to manage your feelings, you can take a few minutes and do a simple task around the home. 

#5 Knock out the hardest tasks first 

By having a variety of tools at your disposal, you’re more likely to have one that both feels doable and is likely to work in any given situation. Knocking out the hardest task first will give you the opportunity to use your time wisely and not feel mentally attacked. 

Get into the mode of working smarter rather than harder, and relieve that nagging anxiety about tasks you haven’t done. You can always do the first step and leave it at that for today. 

You don’t necessarily need to complete the hardest task in its entirety—although you should make time to circle back to getting it completed.  

#6 Focus on the minimum 

There are all sorts of occasions where we make tasks more complicated or difficult than they need to be. Focusing your attention on the most minimal aspect can help ease your mind and lower any stress. 

Look for the simplest solution and take that road. You won’t be disappointed by your results and you will definitely feel some ease knowing that you stayed focused and got something accomplished. 

Try imagining that what’s necessary to move forward instead of over-complicating a task or making it more difficult than what it is in reality. We can be the roadblocks that stand in our own way of success!

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Work can sometimes get the best of us—and quite frankly, that is totally normal. Working five days a week and endless hours can be draining mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. 

We hope these six ways can help you beat the annoying feeling of overwhelm of work. What tips can you share with us that you have used to help you cope? Like and start following us on our City Girl Savings Facebook page. Stay current with our financial and beauty content via IG and Twitter @citgirlsavings.

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