6 Ways to Be a Successful Solo Traveler

In what rule book does it say you cannot travel solo? In today’s society, it is almost insanity to tell people you are taking a trip somewhere – alone? When traveling solo, it’s important to take a variety of different factors into consideration. Have you traveled to that place before? What’s the safety rate of foreigners who are traveling? Check out these six ways to become a successful solo traveler!

Bring a Map
If you have an idea of where you plan to be visiting, then it would be a great idea to get a map of the area. By getting a map of the area, it will help ensure you aren’t wandering too far off course into unknown territory. Having a sense of where you are at all times is imperative, especially if you are traveling somewhere new.

A positive attitude will lead to an enhanced solo travel experience. Having your handy-dandy map with you can help in case you find yourself lost. Don’t be glued to it while you’re visiting, because you don’t want to make yourself a prime target by looking like a distracted tourist, which can also lead to you missing out on taking in your surroundings. 

Keep Valuables at Home

Traveling with items that are meaningful to you isn’t always the best idea. When you travel with items that are valuable, there is always a chance that you can lose them or they might get stolen. To prevent you from having an unsuccessful solo trip, it’s vital to keep those items at home.

The majority of people who travel unaccompanied have opted to bringing valuables that appear pricey or heartfelt to them. Keeping those items left at home and bringing the items that aren’t as meaningful to you is the better decision to make. This rule applies to any type of travel – solo or with others!

Have an Open Mind

Being open minded when traveling solo is one way to have a successful trip. You have to be willing to adjust to foreign customs and traditions. Some places aren’t as modern as the United States; therefore, the idea of using toilets might be limited.

Be willing to pop a squat and do your business like the locals. It is good to have an open mind and avoid using words like “I can’t” or “No way”. You want to take in the experience, not be limited by your own culture and beliefs!

Be Confident
As scary or nerve-wrecking it may be to travel alone, it’s important to feel confident. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, so feel confident and walk that walk. To certify you have the confidence you need, do some research on the place you plan to visit.

Get familiar with the customs and the laws so you don’t find yourself in a bad predicament.  The last thing you need is to trust the wrong people and end up having items stolen. When you have a sense of confidence about you when traveling, it will give the residents of the place you are going to see, a sense of appreciation.

Pack Light

Packing light is always the way to go. When you are traveling alone there is no need to pack a ton of items and risk losing or forgetting anything behind. Pack items that are needed, not wanted, and it will make for a smooth travel experience. Not to mention, when you pack light you save room in your luggage to bring back little gifts and souvenirs for family and friends.

Another great perk of being a light packer when traveling solo is that if you do it right, and depending on the length of your travel, you can fit your items into a carry on and save on baggage fees. No need to have to pay extra for traveling when all your items can fit right in the over bin above your head. Check out the article 5 Tips to Pack Like a Pro for insight in how to properly pack.

Get Insured

If you have a trip coming up where you know you aren’t going with friends, it’s important to insure all items you are taking with you, as well as yourself. Depending on what kind of trip you are booking, sometimes equipment is needed. If you are bringing your own surfboard to surf waves in Indonesia, it’s better safe than sorry. If you are insured and something terrible happens to your board, insurance will cover the replacement cost.

Insuring your property and yourself will makes things easier if something happens that aren’t foreseen. The mere act of moving from place to place means you’re less organized and sometimes rushed, which increases the risk of damaging or losing your stuff.

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If Carmen San Diego was able to travel the world alone then so can we! It is vital to make sure you cover all your bases prior to traveling somewhere you don’t necessarily call your home. Check up on the laws and regulations to each location you plan to visit.

Have you ever traveled somewhere alone? If so, what was your experience like? Would you do it again or is the experience better with companions? If you’re signed up with Facebook, be sure to like the City Girl Savings page and join our Facebook group. Keep in touch with the City Girl Savings community by also following us on Twitter and IG @citygirlsavings.

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  1. I love the tips in this article! I have traveled alone (mostly due to work trips, but I made the most of it) and it can be very liberating! You can do whatever you want to and find the joy in the solo experience!

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