6 Unique Things to Purchase with Your F.S.A

An F.S.A (Flexible Spending Account) is a tax-advantage savings to help you when paying for medical or health-related expenses. You put pre-tax money into the account (through your paycheck or through a direct contribution) and as long as that money is spent on health-related expenses, you won’t have to worry about taxes. Check out the article Health Benefits Basics for more insight.

An F.S.A is different from an H.S.A in that you only have a year to use the funds. For example, if you contribute $1000 to your F.S.A in the calendar year, you’ll have until March 31st of the following year to spend that money, or it’s gone. With an H.S.A, the funds stay in the account for life. We all spend money on health and medical expenses, so taking advantage of an F.S.A is a wise move. Keep reading for 6 unique things to purchase with your F.S.A.

6 Unique Things to Purchase with Your F.S.A

#1 Period purchases

I’m embarrassed (for the country) to say that this only became an eligible F.S.A purchase after 1/1/2020, but nevertheless, we’re here! Use your F.S.A to buy pads, tampons, and other period supplies. Most of us ladies get a visit from Miss Flo every month, so being able to use pre-tax money on these items can have some major financial benefits over the years.

#2 Contact lenses

As long as the contact lenses you’re purchasing are prescription, you can use your health spending account money to cover the cost. This is what I do, and it makes a big difference. Not only are contacts expensive, but the recurring need could jeopardize your normal monthly budget. In addition to prescription contact lenses, you can also purchase prescription glasses and prescriptions sunglasses with your F.S.A funds.

#3 Sunscreen

Any beach babes out there?! If you’re anything like me, a trip to the Caribbean (or any beach), is a necessity at least once a year. That means we definitely need our sunscreen. Any sunscreen, moisturizer, spray or lotion that has an SPF of 15 or higher can be purchased with your F.S.A funds. Even if you don’t get out in the sun that often, stocking up on sunscreen is always a good idea.

#4 Acne medicine

Another unique thing to purchase with your F.S.A is acne medicine. This can include acne creams, face washes, toners and more. I love the Clinique acne-clearing product line, and it’s not cheap! Being able to use my health savings account to cover the cost allows me to stock up and take advantage of the tax benefits!

#5 Foot massager

Too bad this couldn’t double for pedicure costs! However, if you invest in a foot massager for your house, you can do your own pedicures! Purchasing a foot massager with F.S.A funds is 100% acceptable. If you’d like to give your feet a little extra TLC, this could be a great tax-benefit purchase.

#6 Fertility treatments or birth prevention

Fertility treatment costs can get very expensive. In fact, even if you max out your F.S.A, you likely won’t have enough to cover the full costs…but we’ll take what we can get! If you plan on getting fertility treatments, use your F.S.A funds to help cover the cost. You can also use those funds to pay for prenatal vitamins and birth prevention items like birth control pills, condoms and pregnancy tests.

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The next time open enrollment comes around, make sure you start contributing to an F.S.A or H.S.A, especially if you spend money (out of pocket) on anything health or medical related! You’ll save yourself some money on taxes, which is always a smart move!

Do you contribute to a health savings account? How does it work out for you throughout the year? Share your tips and experiences in the Comments section below!

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