6 Trendy Home Décor Items under $15

Home decor is what truly makes your home a HOME. There is nothing like finding items that represent you and flow with the rest of your home’s personality. The downside is that many of us run into the fact that items seem to be so overpriced. If you are having trouble finding pieces for your home while staying under budget then you need to check out these six trendy home decor items under $15. 

Jewelry Trays
Whether you have tons of pieces or just enough to fit your personality, there is no way you can live your life with out this item. Jewelry trays help you stay organized while knowing where all your pieces are.

You can find a set of for just fewer than ten bucks! These trays are perfect for larger or smaller spaces, which make it universal for every buyer. Be mindful that these are jewelry trays! They can definitely do jewelry and lighter items but can’t handle anything incredibly heavy.

Magazine Racks

Magazine subscribers will fall in love with this home decor item as soon as they see it. More times than you may imagine, magazines get tossed because there is no space for them. With a trendy magazine rack, you are able to display your subscriptions while not feeling like your space is cluttered and messy.

Depending on your style, you can find modern and sleek racks or bulky and retro. The quality of the product is beautiful, and efficient. This item goes just under the fifteen-dollar mark on Amazon.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are the best accent decor items a person can have in their home. Throw blankets are great year round, no matter what the season is. Whether you love the cold or just want something cozy to lie next to.

Throw blankets make the best home decor for any living space. You can throw it over a chair or couch to make it look nicer than it actually is. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, so get creative when picking one for your home!

Air Plant Holder

Air plants have become so trendy that who wouldn’t want them included in their own home decorations! They make for perfect wall art decor and also provide some well needed breath of fresh air.

An air plant mount holder mounts on your wall and give the room a little boost of green that it needs. They come available in black, gold, and link depending on the decorative style color you would like. Store such as Ikea, and Amazon should be able to fulfill that wish list for just under thirteen dollars.

Decorative Jars

Jars come in all shapes and sizes that can be placed in all home spaces. The fun thing about decorative jars is that you can use them for anything. Whether you want a penholder, food storage, or a vase for your handpicked florals.

Decorative jars are chic, you’ll want to put your coffee (or quinoa or whatever else you stock up on) in them as soon as possible. The only reaction you’ll get when people come over and see all this nice decor in your home is a smile from ear to ear!

Hanging Wall Mirrors

Every person needs a wall mirror. Why you may be wondering? So, you have an excuse to take another look at yourself as you walk on by, that’s why! You can hang on your wall with a nail and make people think you found an amazing score at a thrift store.

Your secret is safe with me! Depending on the vibe you are going for, for your home decor – you can choose the style and size that works best.

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 Home decor can seem expensive if you don’t know where to look. Sometimes it can seem like a never-ending cycle of “why are things so expensive? Where can I find all the nice items?” Leading you to feel like you have a boring home…Not with these trendy home decor items!

Did you know you could find these cool items for such a low cost? What is the best item you have purchased that was under $15 bucks? If you haven’t checked us out on our Facebook page, you should! While you are at it, do yourself a service and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @citygirlsavings to stay up to date with all the goodness we have to offer.

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