6 Tips for Finding a Career You Enjoy

There are two types of people in the world: People who know exactly what they want to do and how to do it, and the rest of us, who are still trying to figure it out. If you’re in that latter category, don’t worry! Most of us have been there at least once or twice.

If you’re still at that crossroads, know that it will be incredibly satisfying to find a career you enjoy. Check out these 6 tips for doing exactly that.

#1 Stay Positive
It can be tough, trying to pick out a career that you might spend the rest of your life in. Finding a positive attitude helps a lot! The goal should be to find something you love and are passionate about—that way, work doesn’t always feel so much like work.

With that said, know that there are tons of people out here faking it until they make it. Instead of focusing on the negative, try taking an optimistic view. Know that when one door closes, another will open in due time, and those closing doors are useful lessons about the careers you don’t enjoy!

Once you’ve decided your career is findable, focus on looking for evidence of what you already love to do. If you put in the leg work and do the research on positions you’re interested in, we know you’ll reap the fruits of that labor.

#2 Don’t Get Stuck

Too many people find themselves stuck in a department or company that makes them unhappy. Complacency is something that keeps us in situations for too long, and staying where you’re unhappy increases the odds that you’ll miss out on an enjoyable career.

In order to find and keep joy in your career, avoid getting stuck in a situation that makes you miserable. If you convince yourself that it’s too hard to find a career you enjoy, you’ll close yourself off to the possibilities that could lead to finding a career you love.

A successful career is something that’s largely under your own control, so don’t stay somewhere that you know isn’t right for you.

#3 Set Goals

If you want to turn your passion into a social contribution—and a career—you need to be realistic about whether what you want to do is actually profitable, and come up with a plan to make that profit happen.

Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors and guides your focus. When you get in the habit of setting goals, your sense of self-mastery will develop. Take some time to think about what your ideal career looks and feels like, and what goals you need to set to get you there. Check out the article Setting Goals for Your Career to get some ideas.

#4 Ask for Feedback
Everyone dreams of having an enjoyable career that provides them with the lifestyle they want, but it’s important to get feedback on how you’re doing along the way. It can be hard to accept critical feedback, but asking for and truly listening to feedback is one of the quickest ways to hone your skills and make progress.

Listening to constructive feedback and putting what you learn into practice will help you grow in your chosen career or make progress towards your goals. No matter what stage of your career you’re in, there are always going to be people who can provide a unique perspective. Seek them out!

#5 Communicate Effectively

Communication is essential when it comes to finding a career your enjoy. If you’re not happy in your current role, communicate with your manager! You might be surprised by what can change.

Effective communication will enable you to voice your wants and concerns, and better describe what it is you want from your career. Never stop working on advancing both yourself and your career, and adopt a mindset of healthy communication.

#6 Gain Trust

Not only does having an enjoyable career improve your life in general, it also means you’re more likely to succeed—people tend to perform their best when they enjoy what they’re doing. Part of having an enjoyable career is being able to trust the people around you.

Part of gaining trust is earning trust. Aligning your words and actions will be a key pillar for building trust in the workplace and being able to expand in your career.

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Even when it’s difficult, keep it real with yourself and don’t just share what you think people want to hear. Your career should be a reflection of your gifts and talents. Have you tried any of these tips when choosing your career?

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