6 OPI Nail Polish Colors to Try

If you know anything about the OPI nail polish products, you know they are known for their creative nail color names. If you have ever been in the nail salon and been indecisive about choosing a color, you can never go wrong with picking a color with the best name!

Cool names such as “I’m Not Really a Waitress” or “Black Onyx” are just a few of the phrases used to describe OPI nail polish colors! I’m sharing a few new colors to check out the next time you’re in search of a nail color, or find yourself at the salon for a mani and pedi!

Funny Bunny

This fun shade of white can never be a wrong choice. It appears to be a white color hue, but according to reviewers it seems to be the perfect combination between two different OPI color shades to give a never-before-seen light shade. This is a classic best seller that every pretty lady should try. Funny Bunny is a shade that looks great on any skin tone!

Cajun Shrimp
When I first heard the name of this OPI nail polish color, my mouth started watering! Cajun Shrimp is a coral, but a with a little more red than usual and a little more sophistication than usual! To be honest, it is the perfect mix of two of the best colors.

This color is great for the summer, for when the sun hits the polish. You wont get far without getting compliments on this darling color. Cajun Shrimp does not resemble the color of any seafood that comes to mind, but to say the least, it is a color that will have women wondering where they can pick up a bottle for themselves!

Princesses Rule

The name of the color speaks for itself. The pretty, pink hue of Princesses Rule is one of the most popular colors amongst the OPI nail polish collection. The numbers don’t lie! Apparently this glittery peek of pink is one of the brand’s most-wanted hues. If this color isn’t found in your local nail salon, don’t freak out. You can simply purchase the color from OPI’s online website and have it added to your personal collection.

Taupe-less Beach
This fun color will go with practically anything in your closet! Think of this lighter, slightly more lavender shade of taupe as the second cousin of OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques. If you aren’t into loud colors and tend to gravitate to more modest, soft colors, then this color is great to add to your collection. Or, perhaps you love the brighter colors but want to try something different. You can’t go wrong with Taupe-less Beach!

Strawberry Margarita
I recommend pairing this best-selling bright pink nail color with your favorite summer outfit of choice. Day or night, your nails will be bright! While you’re out and about, rocking this color, why not pick yourself up a strawberry margarita for kicks and giggles. This fun hue is great if you want to be fun and girlie.

Malaga Wine
Choosing a color can be a big decision for many ladies. Why do some women struggle with choosing a color? Well its pretty simple, when choosing a color for your manicure, you may take into consideration if the color will go with everything in your wardrobe.

Is this color too loud against my melanin? Is this color going to look the same on me as it does in the bottle? Simple questions you may question yourself about this color, but OPI Malaga Wine is a timeless shade that won’t ever go out of style. Rich and intoxicating (or so says the brand), this vino-inspired hue is one of the all-time best and looks great on everyone.

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Some women like to change their hair color to express the mood they are in, while some like to express their personality through their fashion. Well, if you are similar to us then you love expressing yourself through the color of your nail polish. What is your go to color when painting your nails? Have you seen or tried wearing any of the OPI nail polishes above? If not, which color would you try? Post a comment below to share!

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