6 Drinks that will Ruin Your Figure

6 Drinks That Will Ruin Your Figure

If anyone understands your love of Starbucks, it’s the CGS team of ladies! However, with summer rapidly approaching and swimsuit shopping already starting, sugary Starbucks and other drinks are not the best choice for a nice figure! 

In fact, you will be surprised to find that your iced coffee or sweet tea is loaded with sugar. More sugar means more belly fat; and belly fat is not an accessory we want at the beach!

We’re sharing 6 drinks that will ruin your swimsuit figure and slow your gym progress. We aren’t saying you have to cut these drinks out completely, but definitely drink them in moderation. Double up on the water and continue your gym workouts and these drinks won’t keep you down!

Frozen Coffee Drinks

This one hurts us too. That delicious Venti Mocha Frappuccino has 520 calories, 80 grams of sugar, and 55grams of cholesterol! If you are on a 2000-calorie diet (which is actually high for most women), that drinks is 25% of daily calorie intake!

It’s not the actual coffee that is bad for you, it’s the sugary-flavored syrups and mixing powders along with the whip cream. Opt for a regular iced-coffee with a dash of cream and sugar to curb your coffee craving and do your waistline a favor.

Soda (even Diet)

Not only does soda have zero nutrition (no vitamins, minerals, or protein), it is loaded with sugar and carbs. This can be attributed to the high fructose corn syrup that is used to make soda. A 20oz bottle of regular Coca-Cola has 240 calories, 65 grams of carbs, and 65 grams of sugar.

While diet soda is a better alternative to regular soda drinks, it also does not have any nutrition value. So while you think you are ok to drink 2 or 3 cans of diet soda since it has less sugar and carbs, you are missing out on the great hydration that water can give you instead.

Energy Drinks

The reason why energy drinks work so well is because they are jam-packed with natural and artificial sugar and sweeteners, unpronounceable additives, and caffeine. While the point of energy drinks is to give you energy, you are likely to crash when the sugar rush fades.

It’s best to stay away from energy and sports drinks to avoid the sugar load and the crash that makes you even more tired than you were before you had the drink. Opt for a regular cup of coffee sans sugar. Caffeine will give you a jolt without the fading of the sugar rush.

Beer and Cocktails

It’s no surprise that alcohol is on the list. Beer, wine coolers, and mixed drinks are the worst. In addition to the calories, carbs and sugar found in the alcohol alone, other flavors, sweeteners and sodas quickly raise the count.

According to the USDA, a 16oz glass of Pina Colada has 880 calories! If you can’t miss happy hour, opt for vodka with light cranberry juice or a glass of red wine. Do your best to avoid mixed drinks, or just stick with one mixing agent.

Processed Juice & Juice Cocktails

Stay away from anything labeled “juice drink” or “juice cocktail”! These juices are loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners which pack on the pounds.

While it’s true that fruit in general has a lot of sugar, 100% natural fruit drinks will provide a great nutritional value with the least amount of sugar as possible. Limit yourself to one glass a day, preferably at the start of your day.

Fruit Smoothies

Just because fruit smoothies contain fruit does not mean that they are good for you and your figure. Smoothies are typically mixed with ice-cream and powdered flavors; both contribute to a higher calorie count. A large Banana Berry smoothie from Jamba Juice contains 510 calories and 106 grams of sugar!

While it does contain some protein and vitamins, the amount is not significant enough to justify drinking that many calories and sugar. Try a small, simple fruit juice like the Cucumber Orange Cooler which only has 130 calories and 25 grams of sugar.

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As great as all of the drinks above taste, overdrinking any of them can lead to serious weight gain and health problems. If you are addicted to any of the drinks above, start cutting back slowly and increasing your water intake. You will notice a loss of belly fat and generally start to feel better!

Are there any drinks that you just can’t seem to stop drinking? Have you seen a difference in your body after cutting out bad drinks? Share your experiences with the community by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



4 thoughts on “6 Drinks That Will Ruin Your Figure”

  1. I’m actually pretty good about avoiding sugary drinks, in part because they give me headaches as well. Thats when I choose coconut water, it has less sugar then Gatorade and is good for hydration! My soda replacement is Perrier or soda water (trader joes), but you have to make sure there are no added sugars or ingredients. Some of them are disguised and have just as much sugar as soda!! Oh and a money saving tip is that most restaurants have soda water tabs at their fountains, so you save on sugar and on money by just asking for water! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Kraker

    I used to be addicted to Fresca! When I found out even diet soda can contribute to weight gain I started drinking lemon/lime seltzer water with a healthy splash of Fresca. It’s so refreshing and I’ve cut down to a 2 liter bottle every 4 days instead of one a day. =)

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