6 Common Resume Mistakes Women Make

6 Common Resume Mistakes Women Make

A resume is the most important part of the job-search journey. Resumes are often leveraged to secure interest by potential employers when on the job hunt.

When an employer or recruiter looks at your resume, they are justly looking to see if you qualify for the position. Your resume is a document used to present your professional background and applicable skills for the job you are seeking.

A typical resume contains a “summary” of relevant job experience and qualifications, achievements and education. If you are thinking about revamping your resume, check out these six common resume mistakes to avoid when creating or editing your next resume.

Including Too Much Extra Info

When creating a resume, one of the biggest mistakes women tend to do is list everything they have done or can do. Although it might seem like the right thing to do, some employers are not looking to read your whole life story.

Many times, employers are looking to see if you can get the job done, let alone do the job well.  Keep in mind to focus on the highlights from each position you were in. Note the accomplishments that set you apart from the rest, and why you will be an asset to the company. Too much extra information is not a necessity.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

If there are tons of grammar and spelling errors then you can bet your resume is not going to stand a chance. An employer is looking for someone who is detail oriented and when your resume is full of errors it does not mirror that.

Before submitting your resume, click the spell check button to double check for any errors.

If you noticed there are no errors underlined print it out and proof read it. Reading a paper is always different than looking at it on your computer.

Reading aloud is another option for catching mistakes. Alternatively, it never hurts to ask a career coach, friend, or family member to review it for errors.

Being Too Modest

In many cases, we are our own downfalls when trying to get to the next level. Whether it is us being too modest about what we want, or being too modest about what we have accomplished in the past. Knowing the balance between being too modest and overly arrogant is vital when expressing yourself through your resume.

When you are too modest, it does not really help you shine light on your strengths and accomplishments. Many time employers like to know what makes you stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to share what accomplishments and skill sets you are proud of. Just make sure it showcases exactly what you did and how.

Not Adding Key Words

Employers look for key words when going through resumes. Of course, there are the standard words such as “proficient” and “team player” but it is also important to use other key words that help define your character and work ethic. Many times, the number one error when creating a resume is not adding any key words.

How would the employer determine your resume is different from the hundreds of other ones they just read? Using key words makes your resume unique and stand out!

Also, keep in mind that some employers and recruiters leverage software to sift through thousands or resumes quickly by targeting key words. Make sure your resume is full of language that stands out and describes you in a way that makes your resume different from the rest.

Outdated Info

Whenever you have met a milestone within your company, it is vital to make note to update your resume. Adding new information and removing the old stuff will help keep your resume fresh and ready to go.

A great deal of times, people submit outdated information on the resume, which makes them look either lazy or not current to what is going on. Keeping note of the little things that you have accomplished or learned is great for adding to your resume.

Part of making sure your resume is not outdated is including your skills and making sure your work history is up to speed and current.

Writing Objectives that Don’t Relate

Objectives are great for a resume, but if you write an objective that has nothing to do with the job description, you are destined to not get the job you are applying for. Pay attention to the job position you are applying for and ensure the objective on your resume aligns with it.

Avoid using objective statements that do not even fall in line with what the job is. If it is a receptionist position, it is probably best to avoid an objective mentioning physical labor. Fun fact: many job seekers now leave an objective off their resume or have their employer directed to view their LinkedIn profile instead.

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Resumes are the window into a person’s work history. It is important to your career that your resume is up to date. It should list all the qualifications for why you should be in the position you are applying. Although resumes can be intimidating when you are first starting out, do not let that discourage you.

What tips would you like to share with the community when creating your resume?

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  1. Useful post, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another. I’m glad you’ve pointed out these mistakes here.

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