#55: Tackling Taxes with Confidence with Duke Moore

For most people, the thought of tax season is daunting – especially if you don’t understand what makes the most sense for your situation. From a personal perspective, my tax situation is relatively simple, so TurboTax has always done the trick…not so much from a business perspective. That’s why I’m so excited to talk with Duke Moore of Duke Loves Taxes about how entrepreneurs, content creators and business owners can tackle taxes with confidence. Thanks to his easy-to-understand tax advice, Duke has helped thousands of people make the most of tax time! In this episode, Duke and I talk about things everyone, especially content creators and small business owners, needs to know to handle tax season this year and forever more!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [06:00] Did you know you can become a QuickBooks pro? Duke (and myself) recommends QuickBooks for simple bookkeeping.
  • [14:58] As a self-employed individual, you’re paying double the taxes you would if you worked for a company.
  • [25:10] Duke and I talk about tax mistakes entrepreneurs and content creators often make and ways to avoid those mistakes.
  • [31:15] Not sure where to draw the line with the write-offs for your business? Duke helps listeners understand what truly makes a write-off valid.
  • [39:06] Want to start an online business or leverage the online space? Duke shares why now is the time to get in.
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