#54: How to Complete Your Year End Money Review

If you’re listening to the City Girl Savings podcast in real-time, then you may have noticed a theme in the past few episodes – wrapping up the current year and preparing for the new year! I’ve been practicing year-end closes and new year-starts for over a decade, and I truly believe it’s made a big difference in the goals I’ve reached over time. If improving your finances is something you want to focus on in the new year (or anytime really), then completing a year end money review will help! In this episode, I’m walking you through what a year-end money review is and how to complete your own! Take this information and let it help you improve your finances for next year!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:20] Before proceeding with your year end money review, take a deep breath! This task is not meant to overwhelm you, but to prepare you for a new year.
  • [05:05] It’s not just how much you spend, but how much you make too. An integral part of your year end review is knowing how much income came in.
  • [08:00] To avoid overwhelm when tackling your expenses, get a total number of what was spent in the year. Don’t worry about categorizing at this point.
  • [13:15] Not happy with your year end money review results? Start thinking about how you can improve for next year.
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