5 Ways to Mentally Prepare for the Holiday Season

5 Ways to Mentally Prepare for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can bring joy and love for some, while others are enraged and just plain over it. Holiday seasons look and feel different for every single person depending on where they are in their life. At times people can feel extra pressure to do certain things when the holidays come around. We want you to mentally prepare for the holiday season, so it’s filled with happiness!

Making sure you get all your loved ones that special gift. Preparing huge hour-long meals only to be enjoyed and eaten in minutes. Though the holidays are a time to be grateful for family and friends, we can’t seem to shake the idea that society adds an extra layer of stress when it isn’t warranted. Check out these five ways to mentally prepare for this year’s holiday season.

#1 Don’t Compare
Rule number one that should never be broken (during the holiday season or any other time) is to not compare your current situation to someone else’s. This is especially true with gift-giving or decorating. When you compare, it just makes you feel depressed that you couldn’t give as much as your neighbor or other family member during the holiday season.

Begin mentally preparing now that what you can do is enough. Your friends and family will love you just the same. Prices are increasing across the board, so don’t let comparison add another layer of stress. As hard as it can be, don’t compare, besides as the old saying goes “comparison is the thief of joy”. Material things will come and fade. The holiday season is about being present and enjoying your loved ones because tomorrow is never promised.

#2 Be Realistic

During the holiday season, we tend to live in an unrealistic world where overspending is done, and debt is increased. Be realistic with yourself and your pocketbook. To help mentally prepare this holiday season, we suggest pulling from your holiday savings shopping fund. Make sure you read 6 Things to Do Now to Get Your Budget Holiday Ready!

Whatever is in your holiday savings account is free to use at your leisure and when it’s depleted do not dip into any other savings. Or worse, use debt. Being real with yourself will avoid any high expectations and let down.

If it helps you stay on track, communicate with your friends, family, and co-workers that this year you may not be participating in Secret Santa, or that you may want to celebrate the holidays differently this year. Being honest and realistic with not just yourself but those you are celebrating with will take a major load off your mental because there will be no room for assumptions or let downs.

#3 Plan Accordingly

There is nothing wrong with winging it and celebrating on the fly this holiday season, though it’s important to keep in mind when there’s no planning involved there’s a higher risk of things falling through the cracks. To give your mental some peace this holiday season, you should plan any celebrations ahead of time. That way everything runs according to plan.

If you’re thinking of possibly doing a potluck this year instead of leaving all the dishes to one person, communicate and plan with your party so everyone can enjoy their time. When you plan, you iron out any setbacks that could potentially take place. This helps you get ahead of any issues in a timely manner and come up with a positive solution. 

#4 Partner Up
Don’t be a superhero and try to handle all the holiday shenanigans solo! This holiday season, partner up with a family member or friend and have some fun. Whether that means hitting up the stores, dividing and conquering the gift purchases, or splitting up which meals are going to be prepared by who.

Having a partner makes things fun and less intimidating so round up your tribe and get to going. The holidays can be stressful for many reasons, including financial stress so partnering up could even include going half on purchasing gifts this season.

#5 Have Fun

Above all else, it’s important to always find joy in things. Having fun with anything not only makes time go by quicker, but it also removes any negativity and mental stress. Throughout the holiday season, be sure to add a little fun flare to whatever you are doing.

If it’s creating your list, consider making homemade Christmas cards! If it’s holiday shopping, make a game out of it and count how many Santa hats you can spot people wearing in a store. Or count how often you hear a certain Christmas song? “All I Want for Christmas”, anyone?! Fun suggestions like this helps you realize the joy in the season.

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