5 Ways to Make Time for Yourself During the Holidays

Is it just me or do the holidays always seem to fly by?! Summer ends, Fall begins and before we know it, we’re shouting “Happy New Year”! I love it. It’s such a great time of the year, but it’s too easy to put yourself on the backburner. Let’s savor the holiday season! Even though we get a new one every year, let’s vow to make time for ourselves in the busiest time of the year. Check out my tips for 5 ways to make time for yourself during the holidays.

5 Ways to Make Time for Yourself During the Holidays

#1 Schedule time once a week to watch a Holiday classic

I’m proud to say that I do this myself! Every holiday season, I never miss the opportunity to catch up on my favorite holiday movies! For me, those include Hocus Pocus, Holiday in Handcuffs and Home Alone. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to watch each of them multiple times!

I make sure to carve time to watch these movies every holiday season, but if you don’t have that same determination, I want you to actually book time in your calendar! Schedule out your solo movie dates and enjoy the movies of your past! Not only will this make you feel nostalgic, but you’ll savor the time to yourself.

#2 Stay on top of your calendar

Speaking of booking time in your calendar, another way you can make time for yourself during the holidays is by staying on top of your calendar! Between work, holiday events, gift exchanges and holiday vacations, your time can get away from you. Start each week by looking at what you have going on for the week ahead.

When you know what to expect, you can say no to people or events that don’t fit. You can also avoid double booking yourself and dealing with the awkwardness of turning someone down. As you’re looking at your calendar, make sure you block out some time to yourself. It doesn’t have to be much time, but giving yourself some white space can do wonders for your sanity.

#3 Do some solo holiday shopping

I’ve done holiday shopping with girlfriends or my mom, and I’ve also done holiday shopping by myself. Both are great experiences! If you are looking to make time for yourself this holiday season, do your holiday shopping solo! It’s a great way to spend time with yourself. Even though you’re around a lot of other people, you can put your headphones on and catch up on podcasts while you shop!

Solo holiday shopping trips can also help you avoid distractions and stick to the budget. When you shop with other people, you may end up going to more stores than planned – which makes it much easier to overspend.

#4 Book an appointment to pamper yourself

The holidays are already heavy on your budget, so the earlier you can do this tip, the better. What service makes you feel the most relaxed or rejuvenated? A facial, massage, blowout, manicure or pedicure?

Whatever that service is, I want you to book the appointment as early as possible. Feel free to schedule it before your days get crazy, or after the holiday madness. Having an appointment to look forward to will help you get through the busyness that comes with the holidays!

#5 Get up or go to bed earlier in the winter months

My final piece of advice for making time for yourself during the holidays is to get up or go to bed an hour earlier a few days a week. The extra time in the morning will allow you to reflect or get extra things done before everyone else wakes up. The extra hour in bed will allow you to read, catch up on holiday shows or get some extra rest. Either option is a great way to give yourself some additional quality solo time during the holiday season!

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If we don’t prioritize ourselves, who will?! Don’t let another holiday season go by without making sure you have a little time carved out for yourself. This true for everyone, but especially parents, partners and spouses! Feel free to invite those you love in on your solo adventures – just make sure you get that time to yourself you need as well!

How do you make sure you’re taken care of during the holidays? What tips can you share to help combat holiday overwhelm? Drop your comments below!

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