5 Ways to Give Thanks During the Holiday Season

5 Ways to Give Thanks During the Holiday Season

There’s something about the holiday season that brings our gratitude to the surface. When the holidays roll around, you can start to see the shift in people’s attitudes.

The holidays can turn your office Scrooge into the sweetest enthusiast—just watch!

We all know that the holidays give us a chance to focus on the most important parts of life and how grateful we are for what we have. We’re sharing 5 ways to give thanks during the holiday season.

#1 Get Intentional

When you make your gratitude intentional, it’s like the heavens open up. You’ll start to see and hear things differently.

Getting intention helps you focus your attention on what you have, rather than what you lack. It’s a great way to show gratitude during this year’s holiday season.

When you’re intentional, you choose to make decisions and take action based on what’s truly important. Remember your mom’s favorite flower, and give her a bouquet full of them.

If your friend mentioned they need a new kitchen appliance to launch their meal plan business, make that your gift to them this year with a note thanking them for the friendship you’ve built.

We’re confident that your intentional expressions of gratitude will be heard loud and clear. Count your blessings, and then make an intention of being the blessing for someone else. 

#2 Give Back

One major way of expressing gratitude is finding a way to give back. Giving back is an act of kindness for others—and it also helps to boost our own mood, reinforcing gratitude.

There’s something magical about giving back and helping improve another person’s situation. Giving back doesn’t just have to be to people you know. You can also find ways to give back to your broader community.

Giving back can look different from person to person. One person might feel strongly about a specific charity’s mission, and donate money as a way to help support it.

Another person might want to be directly involved, and will choose to spend time shoveling snow off of an elderly neighbor’s sidewalks and driveway. There’s no wrong way to give back!

You can find ways to express gratitude for all you’ve been given by finding ways to use your time, energy, or money for others.

#3 Say Thank You

While giving gifts and performing acts of kindness are great ways of demonstrating gratitude, a simple “Thank you” never hurts either! Thank someone who’s helped you out during tough times.

The holidays can be an emotional period for a lot of people, so taking the time to thank someone can go a long way.

At times, we think others are simply supposed to serve us without being asked or recognized for their effort. Throw that mindset in the garbage!

When someone does something out of the kindness of their heart, offering them a genuine “Thank you” shows that you see and appreciate their work.

#4 Be Thoughtful

Considering how your actions and words affect other people’s feelings is another way to give thanks. We know we’re grateful when people take the time to be thoughtful for us—paying it forward is just another one to show gratitude!

Your thoughtfulness will show through your actions. Whether it’s giving someone their favorite bottle of wine just because you knew they’d like it, or taking the time to listen when someone needs to complain about a bad day, your attention to how other people feel will be clear.

Small acts of gratitude and thoughtfulness never go unseen.

#5 Write a Note

One of the most genuine ways to show gratitude is via a note or a letter. When you write a note to someone thanking them, the note demonstrates your gratitude and becomes an item that can be treasured.

Sending a thank you letter to someone who’s had an impact on your life, or who recently helped you with something, is a great way to personalize a holiday card.

Take the time to think of a person who helped you, identify the impact of their help, and offer them genuine thanks. And don’t forget to check your letter for typos or misspellings!

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The holiday season is here, and there’s no better time to practice giving thanks. From the City Girl Savings team to you and yours, we wish you every joy this holiday season.

What are some ways you like to say thank you during the holidays?

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