5 Things You Can Do To Finish The Year Off Strong

5 Things You Can Do to Finish the Year Off Strong

Time flies, doesn’t it? It always seems like the excitement of the New Year winds down after a few months and then, before we know it, another year is quickly approaching!

I think there’s so much emphasis on improving your life in preparation for or at the start of a new year. While I’m not mad about it (the Virgo in me loves a fresh start), I do think there’s something super impactful in finishing a year off strong as well.

If you’ve let the year pass you by with little motivation, then it’s time to think about what you can do to finish the year off strong and prepare for the ultimate fresh start.

Tomorrow is always a new day and the opportunity for a fresh start! Keep reading for 5 things you can do to finish the year off strong and get some major momentum moving into another new year!

5 Things You Can Do to Finish the Year Off Strong

#1 Start journaling now

I started journaling many years ago, and I truly believe it’s a key factor in my success. I prefer typing over writing, so my journal entries are in documents labeled by year.

I like to go back through old journal entries and see what I was thinking and striving for at the time. I’m always blown away at how I accomplish EVERYTHING I set out to!

While the physical act of journaling isn’t what drives success, it does set into motion the intention you need to be successful.

When you’re constantly thinking about what you want to accomplish and affirming those goals, you start to take the actions you need to achieve them.

If journaling is new to you, start small. Spend 5 minutes a day writing out your goals, what you’re grateful for, and how you feel. 6 Tips to Help You Start Journaling can give you some great insight.

Get into the habit now, so you can finish the year off strong and already have the habit formed for the New Year!

#2 Think about what you can accomplish before the end of the year

Maybe time got the better of you this year and the goals you originally wanted to achieve aren’t realistic. That’s okay!

How can you reassess and make some sort of forward motion? Take some time to think about what actions or things you can get done before this year ends.

It’s not always about achieving the original goals we set, but putting ourselves in the position to achieve the things we want long-term.

Believe me, overnight success is a myth. There’s something to be said about putting in the time and effort needed to achieve the life of your dreams.

This is also an important exercise in mindset. Instead of focusing on the things that didn’t go according to plan, you’re focusing on what you still can get done. Focusing on the solution and not the problem is a great habit to start forming!

#3 Pick up a new book (physical or digital)

I recently came across Bill Gates’ blog, which features book lists and reading recommendations. If you’re not sure where to start to find a book that will challenge you, start here! Otherwise, there are so many book options for every type of reader.

Notice how this tip doesn’t specify the kind of book you should read, just the act of reading or listening to any new book you can.

I personally read 2 books at a time – one fiction and one non-fiction. I get something different from each, so I’m able to benefit from reading both at the same time. Find what approach works for you!

Make it a goal to start (extra points if you finish) a new book to help you finish the year off strong. It will set you in motion for reading on a regular basis, especially as we move into another year.

#4 Reflect and set your New Year’s goals early

A common trend I’ve found with goal-setters over the years is the lack of reflection. It’s so easy to set the intention of what we want to achieve, but then never reflect on it.

We don’t take the time to ask ourselves what worked and what didn’t work.

Reflection has a variety of benefits, especially when it comes to setting and achieving goals. Not only do you learn more about yourself, you learn strategies to help you reach your goals faster in the future.

You may also learn what not to do in the future!

To help you finish the year off strong, dedicate time to reflecting on the year so far and planning out your next year goals early. Get into the habit of writing out those goals every day, and you may be surprised at some things you accomplish before the new year even starts!

#5 Find your motivation triggers

The last thing you can do to finish the year off strong is to find your motivation triggers.

What inspires you to work, especially when you don’t want to? What motivates you to create your monthly budget? To get up an hour early and work on your side hustle? To opt for salads?

When we pinpoint our motivation triggers, we can tap into them to help us during the day-to-day grind of working towards our goals.

One of my motivation triggers is picturing myself having/achieving the goal. Envisioning my future self helps me keep my eyes on the prize in the present!

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Who says the end of the year is wasted time?! Just because time is ticking to close out a year doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of things done!

The 5 tips above can help you finish the year off strong and get you empowered to crush the next year that follows! I’d love to know what you do to wrap up a year with accomplishment. Drop a comment below to share.

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