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5 Signs You May Be Ready for a Career Change

Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing worse than finding a career that you think you’ll love, then coming to terms with the fact that things didn’t go as you had planned. I promise you, if that happens, it’s not the end of the world! Getting ready for a career change can be difficult especially when there are no Vegas lights pointing to the next venture.

Unfortunately for the folks that may be teetering a career change, there is no yellow brick road guiding them down the path to success. A lot of times, we choose careers in college because it makes sense. However, when graduation ends and the real world starts, it can feel like the career we chose seems more like death sentences than a job. If you’re feeling that way, check out 5 signs you may be ready for a career change.

Signs you may be ready for a career change

#1 You’ve outgrown it

We’ve all been there – not having enough time over the weekend to get you ready for the work week. If you’re dreading that Monday madness at your job, it could be a sign that you have outgrown it. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a major difference between dreading going in because you went too hard over the weekend and truly being over the job.

Whether it’s the coworkers, the company code of ethics, or just you not getting the recognition needed for the work you have been putting in, people outgrow situations including jobs but stay out of fear of the unknown. If you’re feeling fearful that your gifts and talents will not perform the same way they are in your current position, toss that mindset!

Do not be your biggest enemy, blocking your blessings by staying in a situation that you have clearly outgrown. If tasks are becoming too easy and supervisors are not able to challenge you the way you once were, there is nothing wrong with exploring outside opportunities.

#2 You need a change of pace

Whether your current role is too fast paced or too slow of a pace, it’s important to keep in mind what you can bring to the table. Needing a change of pace can make a huge difference. Perhaps you’re looking for different hours to work or specific days out the week. If it means changing your career to adjust to the pace that works best for you – DO IT! Tomorrow is never certain so put the plan in place to make the change!

#3 You’re not making enough money

With inflation on the rise, not making enough money is becoming more and more common. Because of this, the dollar increase should be reflected in your job performance and granted once a year. If you’re always on top of your responsibilities and meeting endless deadlines with no pay raise in sight, you may want to start seeking employment elsewhere. You, of all people, should never low ball yourself!

If you look at where you started and where you are now and not much has changed, perhaps that should be your red flag. If you see a difference in workload and the pay not matching, I encourage you to speak with your manager and discuss the option of a raise.

If they are not able to accommodate, then I suggest you begin to weigh your options efficiently on if you would like to stay or go. You are the prize, so whatever you decide, trust that things will work out!

#4 Your mental health is taking a toll
More now than ever, what happens at work can have a serious impact on your self-esteem. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as meeting those tight deadlines at work. If you feel your current career is taking a toll on your mental health, speak with your direct manager and see if there are any outlets of assistance they can provide to change the atmosphere.

If no change occurs, then you know you need to change your job (and potentially your career).

Who knows how many times company employees have had to brush their mental health under the rug just so deadlines can be met? Remembering that mental health is wealth is good to keep in mind when considering if you want to change careers.

A change in career doesn’t just help your mental well-being, but it can also encourage you to tap into your passions. It can bring to light the gifts and talents that have been suppressed due to the lack of enthusiasm from your previous position.

#5 Work is feeling like a job, not a career path

According to a Gallup study, only 30 percent of employees in America feel engaged at work. If your current position is not giving you that same thriving energy you once had, don’t waste another second of your life praying and hoping things will change. Change only comes when you set out for it.

You may be wondering how to tell a job from your career path. A job can be just going to work to earn a paycheck to get you to the next chapter. While a career, on the other hand, means the cultivation of each of your job experiences, training and college education is being contributed to the role in which you are currently in. Not to mention, you see yourself growing in that cultivation.

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The first step in making a career change is taking the time to explore how you feel. Get clear on what’s not quite right. Only you have the power to make that change, so don’t hesitate when the time presents itself. Have you or someone you know experienced the signs of needing a career change? If so, what additional tips can you offer that you’ve found helpful? Drop a comment to share!

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