5 Korean Beauty Brands to Try

The latest craze in the industry are Korean Beauty brands. These brands, whether skin care or cosmetic focused, are doing all the right things. The eye-catching packaging and affordable prices make these beauty products that are worth a try.

Elizavecca Milkypiggy

This brand focuses on achieving flawless skin. They have a handful of products that can be found on Amazon. The prices are inexpensive and I know from experience that they are great products. The top sellers are the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, the Hell Pore Clean Up Nose Mask, and the Kangsi Pack Wash-Off Face Mask. I have all three masks and they work amazingly!


This brand carries a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products. From cute little pandas to plump red apples; the packaging alone makes these items worth the buy. They’ve been featured in top beauty magazines. Their lip balms and hand creams are packed with moisturizing ingredients.


This brand combines science and top ingredients to make the best skincare products on the market. They can be found at Target, so you know you’re getting a great value! Their top product is the Snail Repair Cream.


This brand uses plant extracts and top technologies in Korea to bring out your best skin. Their products can be found on Amazon for purchase. Their signature product is the Air Cushion Puff; said to be better than the beauty blender. They carry a full stock of creams and cosmetics, in sleek silver packaging.


This is another great brand that has recently come to Target. Their claim is that with continued use of their products, your skin will change and improve over time. They carry cosmetics and skincare products but their must-have product is the M Perfect Cover BB Cream.


Korea is known for great skincare, and the prices are affordable! Have you tried any of these Korean beauty brands? What Korean beauty brands would you recommend? Leave a comment below to share!

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