5 Ideas to Help You Get Your Momentum Back

Not going to lie. As I’m sitting here writing this article, I can’t help but feel my spark has faded. It’s 6:05pm on a Saturday and I made it to the CGS office about 30 minutes ago.

My day went something like this: woke up late (which was nice), got my dogs and myself prepped for the day, met my boyfriend’s mom for lunch and coffee, ran home to give my boyfriend his lunch, headed out to my lash appointment, stopped at a drive-thru coffee shop and finally made it to my office.

This has been my life for quite some time. I can’t tell you the last weekend I had that consisted of NOTHING. I’m tired. However, I have a lot of big goals I’m working towards. Knowing that, and implementing a few other things helps me to get my momentum back quickly.

By the time you’re reading this, it’s nearly the end of January. That means the “New Year” spark you had has probably faded (just like mine did when I wrote this). The good news? You can get your momentum back! Trust me…if I can do it, you can too! I’m sharing 5 ideas to help you get your momentum back and feel ready to conquer your work, goals, relationships, and life!

5 Ideas to Help You Get Your Momentum Back

#1 Always go back to your “why”

What are you working so hard for? That answer should be determined long before the work even begins! For me, I’m working for a life of stability, a second home in Palm Springs, the ability to work when and how I want. I’m working to reach my goals, impact others and leave this world a better place than I found it.

Each and every one of those things keeps me pushing forward. When I have days like today, I remember why I’m doing all of this. I remember my “why” and it’s worth the grind and tiredness. If you want to get your momentum back, go back to your why! Sit in the feeling of what life will look like when you accomplish that “why”. That will surely get your juices flowing…and if it doesn’t, you need a new “why”.

#2 Stretch your delayed gratification muscle

Delayed gratification is the ability to say “no” to your current wants in order to say “yes” to your long term goals and desires. It’s turning down the $50 brunch invite because all extra money is going to your debt-free life. It’s skipping getting your nails done with your toes so that you can put more into savings.

The more comfortable you get with delayed gratification, the easier it will be for you to get back to work. A lot of times, the work we do doesn’t bear instant results. We’re planting seeds and watering them with the work we do. It can take months, or years, to see the fruits of our labor.

Start practicing delayed gratification and you’ll notice how much easier it is to get back to work when the momentum seems to be fading.

#3 Set milestone rewards as you work towards your goals

Are you currently working towards a big goal? Usually, those are the goals that take the longest to accomplish, and momentum is necessary. To help keep your momentum going, set milestones on your way to reaching the main goal. Each milestone you hit, reward yourself with something! It can be as small as an iced coffee from your favorite coffee shop, or as big as a new purse.

The point is to give yourself praise and get something out of your hard work as you make your way towards your goals. This can keep the fire in you burning longer and make you feel like you do have something to show for your efforts.

#4 Schedule time to rest and recharge
Ahhh! I’m so bad about this! However, I’m giving myself this advice too – take time to rest and recharge! There is nothing like trying to fight through a busy workday when you’re completely drained – mentally or physically. Instead, make sure you have time allocated to refuel your mind and body. The amount of time everyone needs for this will vary, but we all need it.

What I’m trying to get better at is recognizing that just because I’m taking time off from work doesn’t mean I’m resting. If I’m taking time off but going to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I’m not resting or recharging. I need to make sure that my rest and recharge time is effective in helping me get my battery levels back to full.

#5 Find an accountability partner

Having an accountability partner (or a business buddy if you’re an entrepreneur) can make a huge difference in your momentum and motivation levels. Schedule time with your accountability partner to work on similar projects or goals. Having someone next to you working will encourage you to get work done.

I’ve done co-working sessions with business buddies over the years and it’s helped me stay motivated and focused. Sometimes, you need someone to help you get your head back in the game!

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Although I’m exhausted writing this article, I treated myself to a lovely iced coffee and tomorrow will be a fun day with family. I have to remind myself why I’m working so hard and be okay with knowing that I’m in a temporary season of grind. This won’t last forever, so I need to push through and make the most of my time.

I hope I’ve inspired you – inspired you to know that you’re not alone if you’ve lost your momentum and inspired you to know that you can keep pushing through! We got this! Have you lost your spark? How do you get your momentum back to normal? Share what works (or doesn’t work) for you in the comments below!

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