5 Great Moves for Toned Legs

A fit and healthy girl is a happy girl! There’s no denying the importance of taking care of our finances, duh…that’s what City Girl Savings is all about! However, we can’t forget to take care of other areas in our lives – like our bodies! Having toned legs can help you burn more calories and keep your body energized! There’s no denying that we’re big fans of the Tone It Up ladies, remember our Tone It Up Resort Bodies post a few years back? Well, we’re bringing the Tone it Up babes back, thanks to their amazing workout featuring moves for toned legs and a tight tush! If you want to start giving your legs the physical attention they need, start by doing the 5 moves below. Give these moves a try up to 3 times a week and see what it does to your legs and booty! Also, check out all of the other amazing workouts by the beach babes themselves on their Tone It Up website. They have plenty of options to help you eat better, workout better, and stay motivated better! Their community is truly inspiring. Do you have any go-to moves that you do regularly for toning up your legs? What about moves that help you shape your booty better? More importantly, what do you do to master a busy life, working full-time, and ensuring you make time for your health and body? We love to get conversations going and promote self-help and inspiration. If you have any questions or tips to share, don’t hesitate to post a comment below, or join the City Girl Savings Facebook group! We are all here looking to better ourselves and our lives! We can do it if we all stick together!
-The CGS Team



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