5 Budget-Friendly Organization Adds to Your Closet

The idea of getting organized always seems easier when going through the motions in your mind. The real struggle is when you’re trying to physically put forth your good effort and actually organize your self-made messes! A lot of times, when we decide to get organized, we tend to do is locate the nearest Target to purchase storage bins! There are plenty other budget-friendly organization adds!

Of course, you are on the right track with Target, but finding affordable storage bins becomes the issue which causes us to get discouraged from wanting to get organized in the first place. Instead of throwing out the idea altogether your squad over at City Girl Savings has the best affordable solutions for you to get organized while still staying in your budget! Check out these 5 budget-friendly organization adds for your closet!

Add Shelf Dividers

In many cases, some closets do not come with shelves already installed. If you have found yourself with a shelf-less closet – it is not the end of the world!  As a matter of fact, it’s even better because you can now create your own shelves the way you would like it.

No need to have expensive built in organizing systems, when you can create your own in your closet. IKEA has great steals especially if you join the IKEA family and get coupons. If you’d like to create a closet with a classic design, choose material or pattern that currently exists in your closet. The matching patterns and materials will create a simple and chic look.

You also can’t go wrong with standard shelving, found at Home Depot. Check out the additional shelf dividers CGS founder @raya90288 used to organize her closet:

Buy Bins
Bins are a natural go-to when getting organized. No one said you have to spend your entire budget on your closet though.  It’s easy for closets to get disorganized when each item isn’t put back in its appropriate space. Purchasing bins can be overwhelming when you aren’t sure what kind of bins you need.

It is important to know the size and what exactly the bins will be used for so you aren’t going in the store blindly. Sometimes the smallest changes to your closet can yield the greatest results.

Think about what you’ll want to put in the bins, and then be open to your options. For example, you could have a bin for all of your belts, a bin for all of your wallets, or a bin for all of your swim suits.


The fun part about organizing your closet is adding accessories! Once you have all your items stored and put away, you can now purchase small accessories to help you keep your small things in one place, instead of always losing them. The worst feeling is thinking you remembered you left something somewhere; only to find out it was never left there in the first place.

Jewelry is probably the number one item that we misplace daily! So, the best way to avoid misplacing or losing your favorite necklace is to create a space where you can hang your jewelry. You can hang it on your wall in your closet or perhaps on your door depending on what location works best for you!

Another accessory that can be beneficial for your closet is lighting. Various closets sometimes aren’t walk in and therefore do not have lighting. If you stop by a Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can find battery required censored lights that can stick to your wall or ceiling of your closet.

Add Drawers
Drawers are one of organizing’s best-kept secrets. They keep things out of sight and store items that may be in between getting hung or stuffed under your bed. Sure, some items can be stored under your bed, depending on how high your bed sits. However, items such as shirts, blouses, jeans, and shorts are all items that can comfortably be stored in a drawer.

Most people think that just because they don’t have a dresser then they don’t have drawer space. The CGS squad is here to share that just because you do not have a dresser does not mean you cannot make drawer space! You can make drawer space in your closet that doesn’t look cluttered.

Simply make a run to your local Home Goods, or Target and head over to the home décor aisle. There you will find small storage baskets that typically have a handle on the outside of it – so you can store in high places and can easily pull down.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and once you’ve located your designated style you can easily place them on the top of your closet racks or shelves and use them as storage.

Maintain Old Items

Instead of tossing the items that you have grown so close to, why not keep them in mint condition so you don’t have to ever toss them? We all know fashion recycles itself so stay ahead of the curve by properly storing old favorites. When you store your beloved items correctly, it keeps them in good condition and minimizes the wear and tear on them.

Store each item in a way that protects its shape, finish, and design. Simple see-through storage boxes keep shoes bright and shiny, while clip-able boot hangers reduce that annoying boot slump!

Minor budget friendly organizational adds to your closet like these will have your closet looking brand new, and items feeling like they are fresh from the store shelf. If you haven’t found any clear bins suitable for your closet, I definitely suggest checking out The Container Store.

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We’ve all come to realize that when our environment is organized to our standards, our workflow becomes more productive. When you are more productive, you feel like you aren’t just wasting your days doing the same old things!

What are some great ways you stay organized while not busting your budget? Have you tried any of these affordable techniques? If so, how did they turn out for you? We love hearing from our CGS community so don’t be shy and join in the conversation via our Facebook group!

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