5 Bedtime Habits for a Successful New Day

There’s no need to get ready when you’re already ready! In fact, there are things you can do today to make tomorrow healthy, positive, and productive. Imagine having bedtime habits that set you up for a new day of success?!

Most people are looking for ways to improve themselves, but aren’t sure whether they’re doing things the right way. The truth is that a lot of us think we’re being productive, but spend hours every day on time-wasting activities, bad habits, procrastination, and having to make decisions we could have automated. 

Do yourself a favor and check out these five bedtime habits that will prepare you for a successful new day. 

#1 Unplug

When the workday is over, that means it’s time to unplug yourself and toss the devices onto their charging ports. Unplugging lets you stop worrying about others and start focusing on yourself. 

However, many of us struggle with putting our devices down. A lot of times, we wrestle with FOMO, the fear of missing out. The reality is, it’s just our thoughts getting the best of us. 

Unplugging from your phone—and especially social media—can help you find and act on opportunities related to your general well-being. Spend time before bed off your devices, and you’ll find you sleep better and wake up refreshed!

#2 Meditate 

Being “on” 24/7 isn’t healthy for your body, mind, or spirit, which is one reason meditation is so important. Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.  Read 7 Reasons to Start Meditating for more benefits.

Practicing meditation helps you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. Meditation is as simple as sitting down and focusing on the feeling of your breathing, as well as repeating positive affirmations. 

Those unfamiliar with the benefits of meditation might worry that it will harm their productivity, or insist they “don’t have time” to sit and breathe for 20 minutes. This is one reason that meditation is a great bedtime routine—it helps you relax and unwind, and results in enhanced physical and emotional well-being for tomorrow!

# 3 Evaluate

It is so important to acknowledge and reward our daily achievements, because what gets rewarded gets repeated. Take some time to evaluate your successes as part of your bedtime routine.

Identify the most successful thing you completed today, and give yourself a pat on the back! Once you’ve evaluated the day’s successes, take note of what you need to do tomorrow to keep your momentum going. This will keep you focused and ready for the new day!   

#4 Let Go

The goal is to be a rock star every day, but we aren’t robots—errors will happen! The key to having a successful tomorrow is to let go of the negative. You can’t change anything about what happened today: it might not have been your best, but it probably wasn’t your worst, either. 

Remember that any mistakes from the day are not a reflection of who you are as a person. Focusing on the negative will only make you sleep deprived and stressed. Instead of overthinking when you should be trying to get to sleep, practice letting go and forgiving yourself instead!

#5 Write a List

Creating your to do list before going to bed ensures you don’t forget anything overnight. We often think we don’t need reminders because of course we’ll remember to get to that task in the morning—only to wake up with no memory of what we were thinking about!

Writing a list the night before also saves you time in the morning to start tackling the day’s tasks. Take some time to write your list in order of importance or how much time each task will take to complete. 

This might sound overly meticulous, but we promise that it will bring you success during your workday. While your morning routine sets the tone for your day, your nighttime routine sets the stage for your morning.

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Any habit is something you do regularly without having to think much about it, like brushing your teeth, and about half the actions we take daily are habits. However, your subconscious can’t tell the difference between good and bad habits—you have to do that consciously! 

Once you develop good habits, success is no longer based on what you do, it’s based on who you are. Good routines lead to good work, which leads to good outcomes. 

Have you tried incorporating any of these suggestions into a bedtime routine? If so, which one have you found to be most helpful?

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