#44: Why You Need to Think About Retirement Now

To all my millennial friends out there, the time to start thinking about retirement is now!

Actually, that goes for everyone!

Trust me, I get it – the younger you are, the further way retirement seems.

Who knows what life will look like then?

Except, the earlier you start saving and investing for retirement, the more you will have come retirement time.

In this episode, I’m sharing why you need to start thinking and saving for retirement now and breaking down some numbers to help drive home my point.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [01:35] When I got my first real job out of college, I started contributing to my company’s 401k plan. 11 years later, I had over six figures saved!
  • [02:21] Want to know how to be a millionaire at retirement time? I breakdown the numbers to make it happen.
  • [07:00] Being forced to live with your children during retirement can be a great reason to start planning for your own retirement needs as early as possible.
  • [10:34] Can’t save for retirement through your job? I’m sharing some options that are available to you to save for retirement.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:


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