4 Ways to Prioritize Your Mental Health

We shouldn’t believe in all the nasty stigmas that surround the negativity of mental health. Mental health is HEALTH and should be approached and treated as such. With a variety of 24/7 support groups on various platforms, instant access to therapists, and more, it’s easier than ever to prioritize your mental well-being.

Amplifying the need to not let your mental health slide because other things seem to be more important should stop. In doing so, here are four ways to prioritize your mental health.

#1 Self-care
Sure, it sounds like something so nonchalant to do but it’s probably one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep your mental health on track for success. For those of you who don’t understand what self-care is exactly, it means just what it says: to take care of yourself. Whatever it is you enjoy doing and whatever your body is in need of is surely self-care. 

What does self-care look like you might be wondering? Some enjoy meditation, a hike, reading a book or even shopping. Check out 6 Self Care Ideas to Feel Rejuvenated for some ideas! There is no right or wrong way to show yourself some good old TLC (tender, love, and care).

Also, it doesn’t matter how often you indulge in caring for yourself, just as long as it’s in positive and healthy manner. Which means, you can do it once a month, every other week or daily! It is at your leisure to make sure you are good.

#2 Movement

Mental health is important at every stage of life. Movement does a mind, body, and spirit good. Sometimes when we are stagnant in our daily routine, our mental state can slightly be affected for the worst. Just like food nourishes the body and brain – so does movement!  When I mention movement, don’t think I’m trying to have you run a marathon or hit the gym (though either of those options won’t hurt to do!)

Movement helps with mental clarity, as well as concentration and memory. Granted, more times than we like to admit we find ourselves sitting more and moving less. With new age technology everything is at the click of our fingertips. Working, ordering food, socializing via social media. Therefore, to help prioritize your mental health calendar some time in your device get at least 30 minutes of movement a day.

#3 Trusting Tribe
We can all play a role in improving the acceptance of discussing the care of one’s mental well-being. Finding a trusting tribe that you can express your feelings with is vital. It’s so nice to have a safe space to have others pouring light into your life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with caring for issues related to mental and behavioral health, especially when it’s concerning someone you love and care about.

On the contrary, if you are not as close with an individual who is experiencing an uphill battle with mental health, you can still be a light for them while they are in dark place. You can be that tribe for them without overstepping or coming across as insensitive.

Whether it’s simply reminding them they have a safe space with you to talk to or simply passing along any tools you know to be useful. Tribes are important certainly when the world feels like it keeps you isolated.

#4 Get Organized

Now, I’m not suggesting you do a full spring cleaning, but it’s noted a tidier, cleaner, and organized environment will make you feel more comfortable in your space. When you’re organized, it gives a clear space to see what items you need to still tackle in your life. In many cases, mental clarity comes with an organized setting.

To help prioritize your mental health, things such as agendas or even calendars in your tech devices assist you with friendly reminders of any meetings or activities you have going on. The last thing a person needs is to feel like they are sinking with so many commitments and placing themselves on the back burner. When you are organized, it helps you put into perspective the bandwidth to give your time to certain things in your life.

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