4 Teas for a Good Night's Sleep

4 Teas to Start Drinking for a Good Night’s Sleep

Have you been waking up on the wrong side of bed because of the lack of rest your body is getting? Maybe you should try drinking a cup of tea before bed to help you knock that restless slumber! Out of all the tea’s out there, herbal teas are the best to help you get some sleep.

Many types of herbal teas have been used as natural sleep remedies for centuries. In most cases, specific types of teas have been studied for their sleep-promoting properties. Check out these 4 teas to help you achieve that good night’s rest your body is desperately needing.

#1 Chamomile 

The herbal chamomile tea is made from the chamomile plant which can help promote a healthy night’s rest. Chamomile contains an antioxidant known as apigenin, which can induce muscle relaxation and increase the amount of rest you get for a day. You can serve this tea sweetened by adding your preferred amount of honey. Or, drink it when tolerable from the tea pot and enjoy the natural earthy flavors of the chamomile plant.

Drinking this tea has several other health benefits. For starters, chamomile can boost your immune system in multiple ways. Thanks to the phenolic compounds, several researchers have shown the tea helps in strengthening your immune system. Studies have also shown the tea has components that include antibacterial properties which can aid in warding off infections, resulted by nasty bacteria and viruses, which can be harmful to the human body.

#2 Lavender

Lavender tea also comes from plants. You can have a lot fun when drinking this tea. Once the tea has steeped for a few minutes, you will see the liquid turn from clear to a unique purple color. Do not be concerned as this is the color of the lavender flower. This tea is not only cool in color, but the aroma is just as exciting. Sip it hot or cold!

Not only is lavender tea often enjoyed as a soothing bedtime drink, but research also supports that lavender could promote relaxation and enhance sleep quality. Lavender tea is probably the most underrated tea on the market. Not sure if I’m alone in this, but lately it’s been feeling like days are longer and mental capacities are wearing down.

One great benefit of drinking lavender tea is it helps reduce any feeling of anxiety. The natural aromatherapy along with its yummy taste can make you feel happier and more energetic throughout the day, which results in a better night’s sleep. Lavender has a sedative effect which means you can say adios to those restless nights and hello to some beauty rest!

#3 Valerian
The dried root of this plant is what makes this tea come alive. Valerian is a type of flowering plant used as an herb or supplement. If you are looking for a natural sleep aid, then this tea is calling your name. Just soak three grams of dried valerian root for ten minutes and drink it hot.

While it’s still unclear how it gets you so much rest, it is certain that it does boosts the levels of our neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps to reduce stress in our bodies. Sometimes when we have a lot of stress, we’[re unable to get the rest our mind and body needs. A key ingredient in the plant root helps relax the nerve cells that get super excited. Like chamomile, valerian tea aids in relaxing the body.

Studies show consuming between 300-600 milligrams of the herbal tea an hour prior to your bedtime can be the most effective in achieving a good night’s rest.

#4 Passionflower

Some studies have shown that passionflower herbal preparations, which are included in teas, syrups, and tinctures, could act as a natural sedative, and help relieve anxiety. Passionflower, sometimes referred to as Passiflora or maypop, is a plant that’s long been studied for its powerful medicinal properties.

By brewing this tea, you will surely get all the benefits. Having a cup of tea before bedtime can help create the good sleep habit that the brain will eventually recognize as a wind-down before the slumber. Many find the warmth and aroma of tea comforting and soothing which helps them relax just in time for bed.

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Say farewell to the tossing and turning all night and welcome restful sleep. Sleep is so important, for a healthy lifestyle so it’s vital you get as much of it as needed. What teas do you drink to help you wind down? Have you tried any of the ones we mention? If so, how did they work for you? Post a comment below to share some of your favorite tips to get a good night’s sleep.

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