4 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

4 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

“Summer loving had me a blast, summer loving happened so fast!” If you haven’t heard these infamous Grease lyrics, you can officially say you’ve been under a rock your entire life. But seriously, summer love is the sweetest! There are so many things you and your love bug can do while enjoying the heat, or beating it. The CGS team has put together 4 romantic summer date ideas that we think you’ll enjoy.

Romantic summer date ideas

#1) Wine Tasting

If you consider yourself a wine drinker, then wine tasting is right up your alley. There are so many tasting options and vineyards around, it’s easy to find one near you. Groupon has one of the best package deals for wine tasting.

Whether you want to go on a solo date or in a group, this summer date idea is ideal for having a great time and enjoying some good drinks.  Take a tour of the winery and if you find a bottle you both enjoy, buy one for home and enjoy it later.

#2) Visit Food Festivals

All that time in the gym has officially paid off. What is better than walking hand-in-hand with your love, and with your favorite dessert? Summer season is the time where food festivals come out with all their yummy foods. Spend the afternoon hopping from one booth to the next giving in to your sweet tooth, and feeding your taste buds.

Food festivals have a little bit of everything so don’t worry about your dietary restrictions. Sometimes at food festivals they have carnival games, which can be a great way to work off all those yummy treats.

#3) Sporting Event

Sports are year round! There is always a sporting event going on, and depending on what sport you and your lover share a common interest in, check out the sports schedule. Baseball games are infamous in the summertime. Grab your darling and favorite baseball cap and head straight to the baseball game to watch America’s favorite sport.

If you don’t have a major league team in your city, research developmental leagues. They can be just as entertaining and not as expensive. Also, they are often in cities that don’t have major teams. Eating Hot dogs, drinking your favorite brew, and spending some great time with your sweetheart is one recipe for a great summer date.

#4) Beach Date

If summer is one of your favorite seasons, then hitting up your local pool or beach is a must. Going to the beach on a date can be romantic and fun all in one. What’s not hot about watching your love strip down into his hottest swim shorts and playing in the sand? A date at the beach can alter to your liking, if you want to have something relaxing, then bring your covers and stereo and enjoy one another’s presence.

If you prefer a little more activity, bring your favorite water toys or volleyball and tasty snacks to enjoy some fun under the sun.

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Whatever you and your beau decide to do for a summer date, we’re sure you’ll have a blast. Is summer one of your favorite seasons to go out on dates? If so, what was one of the finest dates you’ve been on in the summer? What summer date ideas can you recommend? Leave a comment below to share. Don’t forget to check out and like our Facebook page, and stay up to date with the latest info from our Twitter and IG @citygirlsavings. We love our CGS community and appreciate hearing from you all!

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