4 Elements of a Fabulous Holiday Party

4 Elements of a Fabulous Holiday Party

A fabulous holiday party is achievable! When the holiday season comes, so do the parties! Whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other holiday you celebrate, parties this time of year are extremely popular.

Anyone can throw a simple holiday party, but the CGS team is going show you how to throw a party that will have people talking through the New Year. Since the holidays are quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to show your creative party-planning skills.

Throwing a fabulous party is easier than you think, so you definitely shouldn’t feel intimidated when trying to throw one. Just follow these simple tips and your party will be a success.


The early bird gets the worm, and in this case the fabulous party leaves the guests talking! Timing your party as early as possible will leave you headache free. It’s important to get your date set as early as you can, to avoid competing with other parties. No one wants to throw a party on the same day as a friend or acquaintance.

Getting your date set ahead of time and get invitations out should avoid a date competition. The planning ahead rule applies to every aspect of the party, not just the date.

Since you have to choose a venue, food and drinks that you would like to serve, the guest list, entertainment, and parking, you need to get the details hashed out. When you have time to plan you’re not rushed. This will leave you feeling confident and ensure that all your bases are covered.

The Little Things

When planning a party everyone always seems to forget the little things. By little things we mean enough toiletries for the bathroom, a designated area smoking area, a plan in case of emergencies, extra food and drinks, and napkin/coaster details.

All of these things are important to keep in mind when planning your party. The worst thing that could happen is not having enough toilet paper for your guests. If you are the only host, it would be rude to ask a guest to go out and get toilet paper for your party.

In addition, not everyone is fond of cigarette smoke, so you should be mindful of the guests that need to smoke and the ones that don’t want to be around it. Having a few extra bottles of wine is always a smart idea.

If more guests show up than expected, you won’t have to worry about running out of drinks. Lastly, little things like napkin and coaster details go a long way. If your theme is Christmas, then having cloth napkins, napkin holders, and coaster that match add a great touch.


Choosing a location for a party is just important as to the drinks being served. If your venue is mostly outside and the weather is freezing, making sure the venue has heater lamps to keep your guest warm is a necessity.

If not, then consider renting some. Make sure you add that to your party-planning budget! You want your guests to enjoy themselves and not have to feel they should leave early because they aren’t properly dressed for the occasion.

Another important factor when deciding on the location is to make sure enough parking is available for your guests. If you are hosting the party at your apartment, check with the leasing manager to see if you need to reserve spots.

Be sure to include the parking instructions on the invitation. This will avoid you having to take calls on the night of your party from people who don’t know where to park.


Whenever you throw a party it’s important to have a theme associated with the party. It’s not only fun, but it will make things easier when you begin decorating. There are so many creative ideas related to the holidays that you can choose when deciding on your theme. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Ugly Sweater Party (perfect for Christmas)
  • Holiday Movie Marathon
  • Ornament Making Contest
  • New Year’s Day

It’s important to take your time when choosing a theme, and have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Holiday games and Secret Santa are always a nice treat.

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Once you have these 4 elements down, everything else will fall into place! Have you ever thrown a holiday party? How did it turn out? What suggestions would you give to someone wanting to throw their own party? We love hearing from the community, so please leave a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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