#37: How Practicing Delayed Gratification Sets You Up for Financial Success

Delayed gratification is the ability to say “no” to current wants in the present in order to say “yes” to true desires in the future. Essentially, it’s your willingness to practice self-restraint towards the things that you currently want because they don’t help you achieve your future goals. I’ve been practicing delayed gratification for years now and it’s been a total game changer in the success I’ve experienced. In this episode, I’m sharing how practicing delayed gratification sets you up for financial success.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:15] Delayed gratification is your ability to say no to spending on things you don’t need now so that you can have what you truly want and need in the future.
  • [03:24] The most impactful practice of delayed gratification was with my previously owned car – a Mazda3 that I had for 13 years!
  • [07:21] Create a list on your phone of the things you want to purchase but practiced delayed gratification with. Refer to that list when you have an opportunity to spend (birthday gifts, etc.).
  • [09:23] The more you practice delayed gratification, the better you get at it. It may be hard in the beginning, but it gets easier!
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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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