#33: Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage with Ebony Smith

Social media has changed the game for many people. In fact, there’s a whole industry around influencer marketing that has made regular people very wealthy. Regardless of if you want to be an influencer or not, social media can be leveraged to help build your personal brand, or the brand of your business. In this episode, I’m speaking with CGS client turned business owner Ebony Smith. Ebony took her social media marketing business full time last year and has leveraged social media to transition her business to offering CEOs operational support. Ebony shares tips and tricks to help anyone leverage social media to their advantage.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [03:55] Ebony shares how her business has transitioned from graphic design to social media management to operational support.
  • [08:35] Emotions are already high when you’re pregnant. Ebony shares how she dealt with being forced to take her business full time after maternity leave ended.
  • [15:40] There is such a thing as posting too much content! Make sure you’re not overdoing it with your audience by posting too much.
  • [22:20] Social media can be the catalyst for creating long-lasting relationships, both personal and business.
  • [28:52] Dealing with bots and spam comments? You’re not alone! Learn how Instagram is trying to regulate the bots.
  • [36:00] You don’t need to pay for a tool to post automatically to Instagram! Ebony shares this budget-friendly work around to consistent automatic posts.
  • [40:00] Don’t give up on your social media goals! Ebony shares how you can stay focused and not worry about what other people are doing.
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