27 Habits that Could Kill Your Career

When it comes to the workplace, it pays to be professional. But what if you aren’t aware of how unprofessional your normal habits are? You could be hurting your career without even realizing it! The CGS Team recently came across an article from My Domaine that shares 27 unprofessional habits that should be avoided at the office. Some of these habits are pretty obvious, but a reminder never hurts.

  1. Showing up late.

  2. Dressing inappropriately.

  3. Practicing poor hygiene.

  4. Using inappropriate or rude language.

  5. Harassing, bullying, or distracting co-workers.

  6. Flirting.

  7. Exhibiting threatening behavior (physical, verbal, written violence).

  8. Passive-aggressive behavior.

  9. Disrespecting your boss/manager/employer.

  10. Demanding special treatment.

  11. Refusing to do the work assigned to you.

  12. Stealing or taking things that don’t belong to you (food, office supplies, etc.).

  13. Sabotaging your co-workers’ work.

  14. Being overly criticizing of the work or behavior of others.

  15. Procrastination.

  16. Making unfair or inappropriate judgments about co-workers or the company.

  17. Poor communication (not returning emails or calls; failure to follow up).

  18. Poor work ethic or laziness.

  19. Failing to keep promises or repay favors to co-workers, customers, bosses, etc.

  20. Lying.

  21. Excessive complaining.

  22. Spreading rumors, badmouthing, backstabbing.

  23. Unwillingness to work with others.

  24. Displaying excessive uncalled-for emotions (screaming, crying, etc.).

  25. Bringing your outside problems and issues to work.

  26. Defensiveness or excessive sensitivity to constructive criticism.

  27. Displaying a consistently negative attitude.

As seen on 27 Unprofessional Habits that Could be Sinking Your Career by My Domaine.


Have you been guilty of doing any of the habits above at work? What do you do to get back in shape after a slip-up? We all have bad days, but always keep in mind that personal drama should be left at home! We want to hear your thoughts on the unprofessional habits listed above! Leave a comment below to share.

-The CGS Team



4 thoughts on “27 Habits that Could Kill Your Career”

  1. Some of these, like stealing make perfect sense! LOL…but we may not realize that we are being critical of other people’s work, so it’s definitely good to keep your opinions in check!

  2. Great point Raya.! And sometimes its the simple things like being on our phone excessively during work. I know I’ve been guilty of that before when using my phone was not apart of my job.

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