#24: 18 Ideas to Save More Money

Saving money doesn’t always have to mean putting money into a savings account. In fact, there are so many different ways a person can cut back their spending and use that extra savings to their advantage. Sometimes, we just need a little inspiration! I’m sharing 18 ideas to help you save more money in a variety of areas in your life. Tips like using GoodRX for all your prescriptions. Or, taking advantage of the standard perks and benefits that come with your credit cards. I hope this episode stimulates your brain and gets the wheels turning on different ways you can save more money in your situation. Keep these ideas in your arsenal, in case life changes make them relevant to your situation!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:09] The credit cards that I love to use for travel, thanks to no foreign transaction fees, are American Express Bonvoy and Citi Premier.
  • [04:06] One-click purchases can kill your budget! Remove your credit card information from all websites that encourage you to spend.
  • [08:05] Online banks offer high-yield savings accounts. These are a great option to earn more in interest for the money you have sitting in savings.
  • [09:40] A great way to reduce clutter in your home and make extra money is by purging old, unwanted items and listing them for sale online.
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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Download the CGS Money Moves Packet My favorite high-yield savings accounts: Synchrony and American Express Bank How to Use Poshmark to Make a Profit



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