#22: What It Means to Be a Financial Feminist with Kara Perez

The term “financial feminist” has become increasingly popular and widely used over the past few years, but what does it actually mean? I first heard the term from Bravely Go founder Kara Perez. Kara is a money coach and has been featured on NPR, Marketwatch, Fast Company and the New York Times. Kara and I met a few years ago (we were both living in Austin) and instantly became business accountability partners. Now, we’re more like friends! Kara considers herself a proud “financial feminist” and takes the time to explain what it means to be one. Kara and I also talk about society and how it plays a role in women and POC’s money decisions. Kara shares some advice women can follow to prioritize their well-being. She also shares how non-POC can help promote financial equality. Don’t miss Kara’s story and her incredible insight!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [01:55] Kara shares her financial background and how a lack of money growing up translated into turning things around after college.
  • [10:15] Things started to become clear when Kara put the focus on the debt she had and what she could do to pay it off quickly.
  • [17:35] Kara openly admits she’s not a million-dollar business owner and shares that she’s okay taking a pay cut to prioritize her own well-being.
  • [28:22] People who are ashamed of their money situation may be afraid to have discussions. Kara givers her advice on starting those conversations.
  • [36:00] Every year, Kara has put on her Financial Feminist Summit. Kara breaks down what it is and how people can participate.
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