#125: Motherhood and Money with Sahirenys Pierce

Managing finances for a single person is hard enough, so you can imagine how managing finances for a household is an even bigger feat!

While I’m currently a household of 2, my boyfriend and I – as our pups have no financial skin in the game, I’m very excited to chat with fellow CSUN alumni Sahirenys Pierce of Poised, who manages a household of 4.

We’re talking all things motherhood, money and managing it all with poise!

Get ready for some amazing insight into managing money in your partnership, having family “all hands” meetings and so much more!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [04:00] Sahirenys opens up about her parents’ struggle with finances, which ultimately lead to their family home being foreclosed on.
  • [11:16] For people just getting started with money management, Sahirenys breaks down her “High-5 Banking Method”.
  • [19:32] Having money conversations with your partner isn’t always easy. Sahirenys shares an awkward money conversation with her then-Fiancé.
  • [29:25] Sahirenys shares how her and her husband got on board with meal planning, and remixing it to work for them.
  • [44:04] Keep your focus on a minimal number of goals at a time, so you can ensure you reach every goal you set.

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