#12: An Introduction to Travel-Hacking

Elina Geller of The Miss Miles is a travel rewards coach who helps women travel the world in luxury, for next to nothing!

Elina shares that, in her opinion, travel-hacking is using airline miles and hotel points to travel for free.

The main benefit of travel-hacking is the ability to travel in luxury, at no cost, because you used your credit cards for your normal spending.

Elina herself used travel hacking to fly her and her mom to London in luxury, at no cost. She used it to travel business class from Amsterdam to Texas to attend FinCon. Every time she flies, it’s on points.

When you’re travel-hacking, you’re not spending any money on flights or hotels for vacation. This allows you to enjoy the trip and focus on staying in budget for your spending.

If you have a trip you’re going on and want to try travel-hacking, Elina shares her tips for racking up the most points possible in preparation.

Elina and I also spend time talking through the importance of traveling and how it truly does broaden a person’s perspective. When you travel, your mind becomes more open to what’s outside of your normal place and routine.

Elina makes it a point to ensure that women know that they can travel in luxury and not have to worry about the cost – you don’t have to be “rich” to travel and experience what the world has to offer!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [04:30] Elina takes the time to break down travel-hacking so that everyone can understand the concept.
  • [07:37] Elina shares how many countries she’s traveled to (and it’s a lot) along with some of her favorite places to visit.
  • [16:32] When you do travel-hacking the right way, you’re not spending money on flights but on the experience of the trip.
  • [26:26] Leverage a “points mule” to help you rack up points in preparation for a trip you want to travel-hack.
  • [33:26] Elina shares why traveling is such an important thing for people to do, even if they don’t think they can travel as frequently as others.

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