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Raid Raya’s Closet!

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Raid Raya’s Closet!2016-10-23T07:42:43-05:00

Raid Raya's Closet Posts

What do you get when you want to be fashionable on a budget...? A budgetnista!

CGS founder and community member Raya Reaves is the epitome of a budgetnista and she's sharing her closet with other CGS members and fashion lovers. Based in Austin, TX, Raya mixes high quality investment pieces with low cost basics to create a trendy wardrobe.

Raya loves to take a minimalist approach when it comes to fashion (you know, less is more), but she's not afraid to go bold! Follow along as she shares her fashion personality and budget-friendly finds. There's a lot more to come, so come back and visit!

Raid Raya's Closet is the first fashion-blogger style column in the City Girl Savings community for anyone who appreciates great fashion, expensive or not! Product details, including store links, from items in each post are included. If you have questions or feedback for Raya, add her in the community! @raya90288

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